Smocked Boy Daygown



Yet another ready-to-smock customized to achieve the look I wanted.  My gorgeous grandson was just too pretty to suit up in denim bib overalls, but the smocked ruffled sleeve was more fuu-fuu than I wanted.




So after adding blue embroidered Swiss trim and entredeux to the front, I cuffed the sleeves instead of smocking them.  The cuff is trimmed like the front, with entredeux and blue Swiss trim.

Like most of the ready-to-smock garments, this is wash and wear.  My daughter doesn’t mind ironing the little bit of Swiss trim.




Ahhh…a daughter and grandson to warm the cockles of this old fashioned Nana’s heart.  And a son-in-law who indulges my love of classic baby clothing.  Ahhhh….life is good!

12 responses to “Smocked Boy Daygown

  1. Hi, your smocked boy daygown is beautiful. I also really like the crochet booties and was wondering where I could get the pattern from. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you, Debbie. Those ready-to-smock garments are such fun to embellish. The booties were purchased at a specialty shop in Old San Juan when I was teaching in Puerto Rico. So I don’t have a pattern to share. I hope you find a similar one.

  3. Where do you get ready to smock day gown

  4. Carolyn, I have always gotten them from Martha Pullen. Lately, I haven’t been able to find any on her site, but tonight I checked again. Try here.

  5. Do you sell any items

  6. Carolyn, this little smocked boy daygown will be offered in my next Nursery Closet Sale.

  7. I love, love, love, this dress…. I have been looking for something special to make for a friends baby. Is the pattern listed on your pattern page? I just love all the wonderful work you do… You don’t see alot of it these days. If you could please let me know where I can get the pattern, it would be much appreciated. this gal lost her grandmother last year, who she was very close to. She wanted me to make her something like her grandmother would have made, and I know we both liked to make Heirloom baby clothes…. this little dress would be perfect…. thanks so much for all the wonderful pictures!
    Another old fashioned Nana!

  8. Jane, I am glad to hear from another old fashioned Nana! And I’m glad you like this daygown but there is no pattern except for the smocking design. This was a ready-to-smock from Martha Pullen. I cut the sleeves off at the bottom row of pleating, then gathered and bound them. The Swiss trim was added to the sleeves and down the front placket. That’s all there is to it! Any bishop daygown pattern would do. This was a relatively quick and easy project by using the ready-to-smock daygown. How sweet of your friend to ask for something her grandmother might have made! And how kind of you to comply!

  9. This is so beautiful! Which smocking pattern did you use? I have looked all over the internet for a zig-zag bottomed smocking plate, this one is perfect for my project!!

  10. Tina, the plate is Sweet William by Ellen McCarn. I modified it considerably but mostly by changing the colors and adjusting the number of rows. You can see the plate here but it is also available at Farmhouse Fabrics.

  11. We have a friend that had a preemie baby girl and we have found several little tiny items for Ayva. My daughter and I are going to do a “Graduation from the Nicu” box with a handmade sketch of the Daddy holding Ayva’s foot in a pretty frame, handmade little favor boxes with confetti in, a tiny megaphone, some kind of little gifts for the staff at the Nicu, and a tiny graduation gown with a cap and tassel and little booties. How would we find a premade day gown with smocking or lace? I am willing to pay 50.00 for the gown. Does anyone know where to find this item? Thank you.

  12. Jeanetta, what a sweet thing you are doing! This sounds just fabulous. I do have a few friends who might be interested in doing this, but they would need to know how soon you need it and how much this precious little baby weighs. Let me know and I’ll check to see if these friends are ready, willing and able at this time.

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