A Valentine Love Story


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Happy Valentine’s Day to dear readers of Janice Ferguson Sews. I am so grateful that you read this blog and for your kind and helpful comments. And I hope today there is a Whitman Sampler and a dozen roses delivered to you by a loved one.



It’s hard to read the writing on the boxes but I’m pretty sure they say Whitman, Godiva, and Russell Stover.


A year has gone by since this was originally posted.  Still, it remains the most touching Valentine story I can share with you.  My 94 year old Uncle Richard and his bride, Carmen, have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.  Well done, Cupid.


Valentine’s Day, 2013~~~~~~On this special day, which honors the joy of  love,  I have a special story to share with you.



The oldest member of our family, 93 year old Uncle Richard, is very special to us.  He is handsome, fit, funny, charming, hard working and a delight to all who know him.  But he has been terribly lonely for the last two years since his beloved Lois died.



Uncle Richard, 93, watching Laurel and Robert swim


He had been lonely before, when his first wife Catherine, passed away after more than 50 years of marriage.  Both of his children preceded their mother Catherine in death. But some time later, my mother introduced her brother Richard to her widowed friend Lois.   They spent 14 happy years together.




Though the couple lived in Lois’ home in town, Uncle Richard maintained his house and beautifully landscaped (by him) 5 acres the country.

In an effort to escape the loneliness brought on by memories in Lois’ house, he moved back to his country home about a year ago.  There, he planned to do more gardening and keep busier than he could on a city size lot. And he had friends in his old neighborhood.

While Uncle Richard was married to Lois, his nearest country neighbor had died leaving a grieving widow.  So when Richard returned to his old home, the two lonely widowers began dining together and found that they had more in common than loneliness and a rural address.




Today, Valentine’s Day, they were married.   They are both delighted and amazed to have found love again at this time of their lives.




Richard’s bride, Carmen, said this had to be God’s will.  “When two old people, each alone in the boonies, find love on the other side of the fence,” she said, “it has to be the work of God.”


P.S.  I claim no ownership of these vintage Valentines.   But when I export them to reduce the size, the watermark automatically appears.

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