Expo Inspiration+Free ME Yo-Yo’s

Pattern: Flamingo Cove

Pattern: Flamingo Cove    Notice the yo-yo’s on the fish, turtles, crab, pelicans, flamingos, bush and more.  My favorite is the sun yo-yo, surrounded by rick rack.


The Lakeland Quilt and Sewing Expo in Lakeland was the highlight of last week for Suzanne Sawko and me.  We were swamped with inspiration!  Our last minute trip was scheduled too late for us to register for classes, but the vendors and quilt displays made the trip more than worth while.


Lion's Den

Lion’s Den pattern

For me, the highlight or the event was seeing Marcia Layton’s work and her patterns.  This woman has fallen in love with yo-yo’s and has taken their use to new heights of creativity.  Used alone as well as in combination with applique,  her yo-yo’s add dimension and even more charm to her already charming creations. If you would like two free yo-yo machine embroidery designs, just leave your request as a comment below.


Lollipop Lane, with yo-yo evergreen trees, reindeer, roof line gum drops and, of course, lollipops.

Lollipop Lane, with yo-yo evergreen trees, reindeer, roof line gum drops, wreaths, snowmen, and, of course, lollipops.


Though it is hard to see in this photo, the white rick rack beneath the lollipops has a line of silver metallic thread which looks just like the glitter of sunshine on fresh snow.  Just look at the glistening snowflakes, made of yo-yo’s and the same metallic rick rack.  I just love this quilt, with its candy cane stripe loopy ribbon border. Every hanging sample was just intriguing.  Here are a few more.


Country Crossing

Country Crossing–How cute are those plump pigs and fluffly sheep?



Harvest Road

Harvest Road–the leaves must have been made with one of the special shape Clover yo-yo makers.



Patriots Corner

Patriots Corner–What an incredible border!  I love the watermelon.


Marcia also applied her yo-yo’s to dish towels and other appliqué projects.   FYI–for fussy grammarians and old English majors like me, on Windows computers, letters with acute accents can be created by holding down the alt key and typing in a three-number code on the number pad to the right of the keyboard before releasing the Alt key.  Check out other accent options at Wikipedia  

     fish yoyo



The dish towels were so clever.


dt flamngo turtle seahorse shells palms

The quilt display was fabulous and included an entire section of antique tops.  These had languished unquilted until recently given to longarm quilters as a venue to showcase their skills.  More on those in another post.

Suzanne and I had a fabulous day.  Given the chance I won’t miss another of these Expos.  Have you attended any?  What were the highlights for you?

P.S.  Remember if you want the machine embroidery yo-yo designs in two sizes, leave your request as a comment below.



156 responses to “Expo Inspiration+Free ME Yo-Yo’s

  1. Janice,
    Are you still sending the machine embroidery yo-yos?

  2. Minnie, the yo-yo designs have been sent. Happy stitching!

  3. Linda Rotert

    The yo yo ideas are amazing – would like to do these !!!! Can you send them to me in PES — THANK YOU !!!!

  4. Linda, the yo yo designs have been sent. Happy stitching!

  5. Hi!! please, Can I have this patterns? I`ll have my first baby and I will love to make this beautifull patterns for her/him (We don’t know already ). Thankyou.

  6. Catalina, I am so happy for you as you anticipate the birth of your first child! What an exciting time for you and what fun you will have sewing for this precious baby. I cannot offer you a quilt pattern, only the machine embroidery yo-yo design. I will send that to you right away. Happy sewing and happy motherhood to you!

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