Suzanne’s Whimsy Dress



Here is another  outfit my friend Suzanne made for her granddaughter’s kindergarten wardrobe.  Of course, also she made the tights, the fabric flower on the leg,  and the hairbow.  This tall, gorgeous,  little redhead would be a knock out in a gunny sack, but when wearing the sweet things her grandmother has made, she will stop traffic.

There is so much detail and a surprise everywhere you look.  And yet, it is perfectly unified.  The pink gingham  outfit was inspired by Kari Mecca’s  book,  Sewing with Whimsy.


pink gingham top


Suzanne is an avid crocheter and can whip up a flower in a flash.    Notice that the button in each flower’s center is the same.  That gives an element of unity to the varied embellishments.


pink gingham back


Can’t you almost hear that bee buzzing around the flowers?


pink gingham hemline


Suzanne has really mastered bullions which make the worm and the butterflies so dimensional.


pink gingham pocket

I love the little ladybug crawling on the leaf.

On her Brother Quattro, Suzanne outlined the pocket with the entredeux stitch.  A crocheted edging was worked into the holes which were also woven with contrasting floss.    Little girls love pockets, but this one is like a bag in a fairy tale.  Surely her granddaughter will be enchanted with this dress.

You might recall  that Suzanne prohibited me from gushing.  But Dear Readers, you are  exempt from this ban.   What do you think?

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