Modern Minnie Chills

minnie chill


Have you seen Brother’s  new Disney designs?  I absolutely love them.  So many of them are fresh and contemporary, so well suited to the styles of the day.  As you can see, Minnie is not just black and red any more, but she could still rock those colors  if you like.


Minnie chill emb close


There are so many other charming, light designs.  This Pooh design is one I look forward to embroidering for my toddler granddaughter.


exd03 01


The Minnie Chill dress shown above was made from one of my favorite patterns, Callie by Children’s Corner.  Here is an excellent review.




Using the Callie pattern, I made this little bunny dress  for Vivian Rose to wear to the Bunny Lunch and Easter egg hunt at church.


bunny callie CR

Ask for the free bunny design if you like it. Post your request in the comment section.


What are you sewing now?

16 responses to “Modern Minnie Chills

  1. I always love looking at your site. I would love the bunny design. We miss you at SATB. This year will be the largest body of students we have ever had. Sort of scary. Take care

  2. Linda, what great news about the huge enrollment for SATB ’15!!!! It’s always such a GREAT school, each year better than the previous one. I’m sure this upcoming school will be your best ever. I SOOOOOO wish I could be there. The bunny designs have been sent. Happy stitching!

  3. Janice,

    I always look forward to seeing your newest creations!! Your Callies are sweet 🙂 I would love the bunny design.

  4. Vanessa, the designs have been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching these bunnies.

  5. Scheryl Gaylor

    I love reading your blog and looking at all the lovely creations you make. You inspire me to keep on creating children’s clothes even though my own grandchildren are too old for me to make them anything. I would love to have the bunny instructions for a sweet great-niece to enjoy wearing. Thanks for such a generous offer.

  6. Scheryl, I’ve tried twice to send you the designs but the message keeps bouncing. Please write again. Your address will not show in the public comment but I can see it.Then I can send the designs to you.

  7. Bobette Larsen

    Especially love the bunny one, but I have a great grandaughter that really likes Minnie Mouse. Please send the bunny info. I must get the Callie pattern. So many uses. You could add a turtleneck for winter too.

  8. Oh my Goodness, as soon as I saw those little bunnies I fell in love! I would love to have the bunny design. The Callie is on my list of things to make, too. Your work is always gorgeous and I love seeing your creations.

  9. Beautiful as usual. It is good to sew for grandkids. Mine are all grown up. Now doing some sewing for great nieces and nephew. Pleasant surprise to see you on facebook.

  10. I love your blog! It inspires me frequently. I would love to have the bunnies pattern.

  11. Bobette, the bunny designs have been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching them.

  12. Stephanie, the bunny designs should be in your inbox now. Thanks for reading my blog.

  13. Hi Renee! I’m glad you have some little ones to sew for and I’m sure you are doing it beautifully. Sewing for children is my favorite kind of project. Hope you are well and happy.

  14. Mary, the bunny designs have been sent. Happy sewing!

  15. Where can I get the “Love to Chill” Minnie design?

  16. Linda, “Love to Chill” is a built-in design on Brother’s Dream Machine. I’ve checked on Brother’s design site, and it is not available for sale. I’m sorry and wish I could be more helpful.

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