Modern Minnie Chills

minnie chill


Have you seen Brother’s  new Disney designs?  I absolutely love them.  So many of them are fresh and contemporary, so well suited to the styles of the day.  As you can see, Minnie is not just black and red any more, but she could still rock those colors  if you like.


Minnie chill emb close


There are so many other charming, light designs.  This Pooh design is one I look forward to embroidering for my toddler granddaughter.


exd03 01


The Minnie Chill dress shown above was made from one of my favorite patterns, Callie by Children’s Corner.  Here is an excellent review.




Using the Callie pattern, I made this little bunny dress  for Vivian Rose to wear to the Bunny Lunch and Easter egg hunt at church.


bunny callie CR

Ask for the free bunny design if you like it. Post your request in the comment section.


What are you sewing now?

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