Fishy Swim Suit & Sewing Log


This little ready-to-wear swim suit was embroidered for granddaughter Vivian Rose early in the summer.  Like all Florida children, it is vitally important that she learn to swim and her lessons were beginning in earnest.  Of course, wearing this she was one cute little fishy, but I have no photos of her wearing it.

UPDATE:  My sweet daughter just sent this photo.


Vivian Rose ready to take the plunge.

Vivian Rose ready to take the plunge.


There is nothing especially interesting or creative about this project, but not everything we make is.  Sometimes it’s just a “git ‘er done” sort of task and we take whatever satisfaction we can.  I was satisfied knowing that Vivian Rose looked adorable at her swim lessons.

I had forgotten all about the swim suit until I came across it in my sewing journal along with all my other 2014 projects.


journal page


Do you keep a sewing log?  In January Jerry Nix Roberts posted on SewForum a list of all the things she had made the previous year.  It was astounding!  I doubt I’ve ever made in one year as much as Jerry did—and believe me, EVERYTHING she makes is just spectacular.  Still, it made me realize  that I could only recall a few projects even though I was sewing alllllll year!


This journal was a Sewing at the Beach teacher gift from a few years ago. I love it.

This journal was a Sewing at the Beach teacher gift from a few years ago. I love it. And I love this fabulous workshop.  Check it out.


Motivated by Jerry’s carefully maintained log, started a journal of my own.  I find it very useful to list details of a project and to recall things I have made.

Here is another one I had forgotten.




Grandson Alastair’s store-bought stocking was embroidered 3 years ago to serve as a temporary Christmas goodie sack before I got around to making his official stocking.

Vivian Rose’s Nana-made stocking was ready for her first Christmas.  But when her mother found this stocking which matches big brother’ temporary sock, she wanted it as a back up for her specially-made sock.  She declares that if we go to our mountain cabin or anywhere else for Christmas, she would never take the children’s “good” stockings for fear of loss or damage.   Gosh, I love that girl!

So my recommendation is that you start a sewing journal if you have not already.  You probably don’t realize just how much you have accomplished.

Do any of you keep such a record of your sewing?  How does it work?


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7 responses to “Fishy Swim Suit & Sewing Log

  1. Janice, I’m so glad you found the journaling useful in keeping up with the projects you made. I like to go back through mine each year and see how productive I’ve been. Our little ones are only small enough to enjoy our sewing for such a short time; I want to make the most of my time and energy sewing for them. How sweet of you to mention this on your blog!

  2. Jerry, I had never really thought about journaling until I read your comment. This is just one more instance of the inspiration you have given me. Thanks!

  3. Hello Friend!! Long time no hear… You are so smart to write things down. I forget what I do the moment it leaves my studio! How are you? Boy, your little grand daughter has really grown! My little girl started College this fall! Take care!!

  4. Shirley Boyken

    Our minds think alike again! For years I kept a notebook where I listed each completed project and then I found Pinterest!!! Ah, that is now another story. I love that way of keeping ideas!!! I now have a Board whereby I keep a log of my completed projects as well as any notes about the construction. I find it so satisfying to look through the results of my sewing labors and often I look back for the valuable information that I store there. I also have a file on my computer for pictures but Pinterest allows me to save more important information about each project. I love the freedom that modern technology gives us!!!

  5. Shirley, what a great idea to use Pinterest to log your sewing projects! It never occurred to me to add detailed comments to the photos. Today’s technology is amazing. Still, I will keep the journal for private thoughts like “stupid pattern, made me curse,” etc.

  6. Hey, Terri! It’s been toooo long since we’ve chatted. And while we were quiet, our babies have been growing up! Can’t believe your little gal is off to college. Thank goodness Baby Boy (though not so baby any more) is still in the nest. Come see me!

  7. I keep a pictorial sewing log. I try to take pictures of everything I make (in this day of blogs and fb and forums, don’t we all?). Then about once a year, I print them off and put them in a simple picture album with a note about the pattern number. My method doesn’t really have room for detailed pattern reviews, though, maybe I should think about that….

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