‘Tween Purses

Lately, I’ve been busy checking off a few items on my to-do list by making purses requested by my 10 yo granddaughter,Laurel.  She is delighted with each and every one.   Most were sewn using  Zippy Designs in-the-hoop purse patterns.  I really like this collection which comes in three shapes and multiple sizes.


gator shirt purse cr

From Zippy Designz Rik Rak purse design, I made this Gator bag for granddaughter to carry to the big game. It goes with the vest shown below. After I took this picture I remembered that I had a card of gator button from Farmhouse Fabrics. Now one of those buttons hangs from the orange ribbon loop.


It’s always hot for the first games of the season so she wore this retail vest with a Gator blue shirt.


Gator vest



After the Gator bag, Laurel asked me to make purses to go with her church dresses.  She has asthma and allergies so she needs to carry an inhaler and  handkerchief with her, along with the required hair brush.  I always pack her purses with Dove chocolates which she shares with her friends at Sunday School.


French girl pure


This purse was made from black ultrasuede.  The thickness of that with the lightweight batting and lining made me decide to skip the usual monogram.


french girl purse


I was tickled pink to find just the right piece of lace in my scrap stash to make this purse.  It matches the bodice of the dress almost perfectly.


lace top dress n purse




The embroidery design is from Martha Pullen’s Paisley Alphabet collection. The design comes with fill, but I prefer the lighter look without the fill stitches.


The same basic style could be made not in-the-hoop which is how I made the first purse. That purse was the first of the church bags and she loves it.





It’s been way too long since a new blog post has shown up here at Janice Ferguson Sews.   But we have been away, enjoying the breathtaking autumn colors at our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.





Three of our grandchildren and our daughter-in-law were with us making fabulous memories.  But I’m back now and headed for the sewing room to attack my very long to-do list.


3 behind cabin

Here they were in shorts and no coats on a sunny 75 degree day. Three days later it snowed.


So what have you been sewing?  Has anyone started on Christmas clothes?

2 responses to “‘Tween Purses

  1. Very envious of the mountain getaway but do love the purses.

  2. Nana, these purses are really fun to make. But it was more fun being in the mountains with the grandchildren.

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