Stetson Mansion Christmas Tour



My–Oh–My!!!  How I wish you all lived close enough that together we could all visit the breathtaking Stetson Mansion in my hometown DeLand, Florida.  The historic (1886) Victorian home of John B. Stetson is  gloriously decorated for Christmas.

dining room


Even I,  whose Indian name surely would be “Woman of Many Words,” cannot begin to describe it.  Make Room for Quilts by Nancy Martin features one style entitled “Too Much is Seldom Enough.”  That’s as close as anyone could come to accurately describing the look.  In a 10,000 square foot home, how could too much be enough?

The 1-hour Christmas tour with my PlayGroup Mamas was so spectacular that I am returning for another visit with my older grandchildren and other family members this weekend.

Tour guests waited on the veranda until the tour began.



The Frozen-themed reception parlor was so realistic that it gave us Florida gals a chill.

reception entry


Christmas music from the player set the mood.   At the base  was a display of almost 100 antique porcelain snow babies.


reception piano



In keeping with the sewing theme of this blog, a few pictures from Mrs. Claus’ Quilting Room are shared here.


quilt room

Wouldn’t you love to quilt or sew in this room?


The local quilt shop, Quilt Shop of DeLand, provided the quilts and textiles for this room.  It also featured a number of antique sewing machines.


quilt room 2


 yo-yo tree ornament


There were several small yo-yo ornaments and trees about the room along with loose yo-yo’s scattered on tables.  Even my non-sewing friends were intrigued and asked if I could show them how to make yo-yo’s.   We’ll do a mini-workshop at our Christmas dinner next week.

The tour guide encouraged us to look up, look down and look to the side.  Everywhere we looked there was beauty and incredible detail.


In addition to the spectacular and beautiful decorations, there were several playful touches throughout.  One bathroom was decorated with snowmen.

snowman bathroom

Aside from these dapper frozen men, it also included a snowman relaxing the clawfoot tub filled with some sort of bubbly snow.  And the toilet bowl was filled with snowballs!

That contrasted with the other 13!!!!! elegant bathrooms.

Guests were not allowed to take photos inside so the pictures included here have been taken from several web sites, though relatively few are from this year’s extraordinary decorating extravaganza.

If you are within driving distance or are in the area, I hope you can visit the Stetson Mansion Christmas Tour before it ends Jan. 15.  Or if you have any interest in historic mansions or elaborate decorations, you might enjoy viewing this YouTube video or visiting the links.


Just yesterday there was an article about the tour in the Daytona New Journal.

Meanwhile, I’ve just completed Christmas outfits for our younger two grandchildren and have to finish up more holiday sewing.  How are your projects coming along?


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