Look Whoo’s 2

2 dress


Our granddaughter, Vivian Rose, that’s who.  And what a time she had all day.

Her mother likes to start the celebration at wake up with a special breakfast. For Vivi, it was her favorite English muffins with nutella.




A corduroy jumper from a pattern in the book Martha’s Favorite Applique’s was worn for her party.  


opeing gifts


The party dress is lined with a sweet floral print which was also used for the ruffle. The embroidery design isfrom GL Stitch Studio.



2 dress lining buttons


Pink gingham piping was inserted above the ruffle and around the top of the jumper.

Two buttons were stacked to get the color effect I wanted.  Since I was making this with only things I had on hand, the combination was necessary.

The embroidery design is an applique from GL Stitch Studio.  Of course, I had to fiddle with it a little.  I just can’t seem to bring myself to stitch out a perfectly nice design as it comes from the designer.  This design actually read Look whoo’s turning 2.  But she is two so I redid the text in PE-Design NEXT and eliminated the word “Turning.”  I also added the eyes and eyelashes.


dress emb


Currently, Vivian Rose is intrigued by birds so this owl seemed like something that would appeal to her.  The embroidered flowers and leaves were also eliminated and the brown applique’d vine and crocheted flowers were added.

Vivi’s parents are wonderful hosts and everyone had a great time, from the 2 year old guest of honor to 93 year old great grandma Ruby.  She delighted us with tales of days gone by.  Did you know that during WWII there were shops to repair the runs in nylon stockings?  My oh my!

One of Vivian’s favorite gifts was a kid sized gardening set.   Look at all the heavy yard work she and her guests managed to get done while the adults were having coffee! They have removed the mulch and done some serious digging.  Fortunately, they worked in the back corner of the yard!



This crew is not recommended by Angie’s List.


And as was often said in our little hometown newspaper,  a good time was had by all.

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