She wore the dress……


but she was not happy about it.


VR dress crying CR


Two yo granddaughter Vivian Rose was crying her little heart out, I’m pretty sure, because she was wearing the Easter dress disaster.    Her mother declares that it was not about the dress, but a grandmother knows these things.

First thing at home Easter morning, she kicked away her Easter basket and refused to hunt for eggs.  (I think she saw the dress hanging.) There is no photo documentation of her hissy fit.  Later the children attended 2 other egg hunts.

She and her happy, easy-going brother,  Alastair, joined a large group of children at a friend’s waterfront home.


A bay


Alastair had a great time.


A egg basket


But Vivian Rose did NOT want her picture taken and instead chose to was snuggle inside with her daddy.


VR Harvey

Shortly after that, she shed the dress and stripped down to her slip.  Happy Vivi joined the party, gathered eggs and loved the trampoline.


VR slip tramp 2


The next event was Easter dinner and another egg hunt at Oma’s house.   The dress was back.  It seems to me that it is definitely an issue.


Vivian Rose thinking, "I look like a bag lady."

Vivian Rose thinking, “This dress would fit Humpty Dumpty”


But just how long can a little girl resist the fun? So once again she pulled herself together,  gathered eggs all the while charming her adoring family.


V hunt


Alastair delighted Baby Sister by chauffeuring her around the property on the kiddie tractor.


tractor 2

Vivian Rose was her happy, vivacious, adorable self.  I think Mary Engelbreit had whispered in her ear.



So how was your Easter celebration?  I’d love to see pictures of your holiday garments and the festivities.

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