Ready-to-Smock ~ Smockables for Sale

More Martha Pullen Smockables turned up when I did my major sewing room clean up.  If you are interested  or have any questions about these, send an e-mail to or post your request as a comment at the end of this post.


1-pink gingham bishop bubble 12 mo

SOLD $25 + postage, insurance at buyer’s discretion. Size 6 months, ready-to-smock, snaps in crotch.


1-white insert bubble g 12 mon

SOLD (1) available. Girl’s white bubble with insert, snaps in crotch, 18 months for $25.  The price was $30 when they were available from Martha Pullen Company.


$25 + postage, insurance at buyer's discretion.  Pink  12 months button front bishop.

SOLD–$25 + postage, insurance at buyer’s discretion. Pink 12 months button front bishop,  This is a pale pink, but not as washed out as the photo shows.  Ready-to-smock.


$25 + postage, insurance at buyer's discretion.  Size 12 months blue button front bishop, ready to smock.  Two available.

SOLD  $25 + postage, insurance at buyer’s discretion. Size 12 months blue button front bishop, ready to smock. Two available.

$30 + postage, insurance at buyer's discretion.  Available (2) 6 months, one 12 months, one 18 months.  Snaps at crotch.

SOLD ALL THREE $30 + postage, insurance at buyer’s discretion. Available one 6 months, one 12 months, one 18 months. Snaps at crotch.  $40 when they were available from Martha Pullen Company.


$30 + postage, insurance at buyer's discretion. Two Martha Pullen Smockable rompers, one 6 months, one 18 months.  Priced at $40 when they were available.

BOTH SOLD  $30 + postage, insurance at buyer’s discretion. Two Martha Pullen Smockable rompers, one 6 months,((SOLD one 18 months). Priced at $40 when they were available.


SOLD $30 + postage, insurance optional, size 3T. Another Martha Pullen ready-to-smock classic navy romper.

Can you use any of these items?  They need a home away from my sewing room, a home where they will be smocked for a special child.

22 responses to “Ready-to-Smock ~ Smockables for Sale

  1. Ms Elizabeth taught a class for our small sewing guild almost 30 years ago. I was so privileged to attend her class and have a signed copy of her book. She was a gracious and kind teacher. A very nice lady and a real advocate for sewing g.

  2. Debbie, you were fortunate, indeed, to have studied under Mrs. Johnson. I first met her at the first SAGA Regional Seminar in Spartanburg, SC in the early ’80’s where she not only taught the classes scheduled, but did more. One evening, after class, she held a little impromptu seminar on the large patio behind one of the buildings. She taught all how to sew on a button and kept us all in the palm of her sweet, talented hand. The quantity of knowledge that she shared with probably thousands of sewists is immeasurable and invaluable.

  3. I can’t wait to see the daygown you are making from the Precious Baby Daygowns book. It looks like it would be perfect for Easter, all pink and white, lacy and feminine. I recently posted pictures of the shadow smocked dress I made my daughter when she was five. I hope that you will come by to see it. It is one of my most favorite dresses that I have ever made.

  4. Hello – just wondering if you make ready to smock outfits to sell? I am in need of white boys bubbles with insert in size 12mo and 18mo.

  5. Susie, I don’t make them, but I might have a few ready-to smocks like that in my stash. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

  6. Dorothy Jernigan

    Janice, I would like to buy the red gingham check ready-to-smock boy’s suit in 18 months.

  7. Ann Hollowell

    Are the girl’s white bubble suits size 12 months as tag shows in picture or 18 months?

  8. Ann, the suits are 18 months. I just reused the picture from a 12 romper which is sold.

  9. My brother and his wife are having a baby in November, and I would love to buy some of your smockables! But I don’t have any idea of the gender. I’ll just cross my fingers that you’ll have some left whenever I do find out. (Though I’m sorely tempted to buy girly things and hope for the best!!) 😉

  10. Jo, what exciting news! A new baby in the family! I hope they want to know the gender and are not of the “we want to be surprised” crowd. Boy or girl, there is lots of fun sewing and smocking ahead.

  11. do you still have any of the ready to smock for sale??

  12. Yes, Suzanne, I do. I have baby blue gingham rompers with shirts, 12 month button front bishops, white baby girl bubbles with pleated insert, and a pink gingham bishop bubble. I will write to you privately with all the details. Thanks for asking. I need to get these posted. Life is sooo busy!

  13. I am interested in purchasing the red boys outfit and the blue boys outfit you have for sale, that are ready to smock.
    How do I go about doing that? and do you have anything else for sale that is ready to smock?
    Thank you,

  14. Donna, I don’t know what has happened but there has been a run on these ready-to-smock outfits in the past week. Smockers have noticed that they are no longer available from Martha Pullen Company and are getting them where they can. The red romper is sold and the other garments that remain, including the navy romper, are shown in this post. If you want any items, just send your request to me at I’d be happy to move these remaining items out of my sewing room and into yours.

  15. Janice, I have waited too long and most of the smockables are sold! I notice on the 12 mo blue bishop that there are two available, any chance that there is one available??? If so, I would love to purchase it from you.
    Thank you so very much.
    Joan Moore

  16. Joan, I am sorry you missed out on those smockables. All three of the 12 month bishops are sold. The only remaining garments are posted except for a size 2 blue bishop for $25. I had put that aside to smock for my granddaughter but she’s into 3’s already so I missed my window. Just came across it tonight in my to-do-right-away projects stack.

  17. Susie Mattox

    Do you still have the ready to smock items shown in these photos? I’d like to purchase whatever you have available. Also, how much is your shipping charge?

  18. Yes, Susie, all the ones which are not listed as sold are available. Also there is a size 2 pastel blue bishop that I waited too long to smock now that my granddaughter wears a 3. I take packed boxes to the PO and get the actual shipping cost, then give you that info.

  19. Martha Sullivan

    Do you have any ready to smock outfits left for sale?

  20. Martha, I’m sorry but they are all sold.

  21. Candi Butler

    I think I understand that all the smockables are sold. Is this correct? I am interested in the white bubble in 18 mo. to 2 years or any bishops in 1-2 years. If you have any, please advise.

  22. Yes, Candi, the smockables have all been sold. Since I sold all these a surprise, miracle grandbaby has come to a dear friend, I’m looking for them too! I’ll let you know if I find a sourse.

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