Parade Dress #2

Children's Corner Carol in ,Michael Miller's Children on Parade fabric

Children’s Corner Carol in ,Michael Miller’s Children on Parade fabric


Few fabrics have inspired so many garment interpretations as Michael Miller’s Children on Parade.  The variety of dresses stitched with this fabric is almost countless. My own Parade Inspirations folder has more than 2 dozen adorable dresses.

CheryleCole-Bennet’s irresistible CC Jenni Leigh caused a run on that fabric across the country.  I personally saw’s supply fall from 480 yds to almost nothing in less than 10 days.  Then they restocked.  Meanwhile, shops nationwide saw the same buying frenzy.

My first Parade dress  for my then 18 month granddaughter, Vivian Rose, was a fiasco requiring two posts for me to exhaust my need to vent.  Read it and weep, or at least feel a little sympathy for this obsessed Nana.  It was a shameless but poor copy of Cheryle’s Jenni Leigh.

back 2

The light aqua piping and gingham covered buttons are from Farmhouse Fabrics.

I found CC Carol to be a much easier pattern for a border fabric.  Jenni Leigh looks best with the pattern matching at the diagonal front.  This was a huge challenge.  My goals for Carol were just to have no half bodies disappear into the center pleat and to make an attempt to match the pattern at the center back.  The sides were just as the fabric rolled.


Vivi bounce house


So now I have used up a few more yards of Children on Parade.  And I’m still not tired of it. And neither is Vivian Rose, our 3 yo uncooperative model.



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