Moana Dress for Disney’s New Princess



Have you seen the delightful new Moana movie? Granddaughter Laurel, her mother and I went to see it over Christmas and it reminded me that I haven’t blogged about the Moana items I have made.  A complete tutorial is posted at Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial.

The Simplicity Burda pattern for is dress is so versatile and easy.   I like a pattern that leaves room for personal interpretation as this one certainly does.  The dress would have been so much nicer if the print had been used for the hem.  That’s just one more woulda coulda shoulda for me.



The designs are just exquisitely digitized.  The intricate details are clear and distinct.





I loved the cotton fabric I chose from  It’s  Heather Ross Mendocino Kelp-Forest Brown-Blue and it just seemed the perfect background with the seahorses and octopi for the South Sea Island characters   The solid tan is Kona cotton.

On the Wayfinder design, the sea creatures seem to be swimming into or out of the embroidery.




The designs were so intriguing that I made keychains to go with the dress.  I’ve found these kid-pleasing hangers to be very popular with children.  They are easy to make with a Brother Quattro or Dream Machine, but can also be made on any embroidery machine.  Finished with just a simple built in shape on your machine, the keychains would lack only the perfect outlining of the design.




Wouldn’t it be fun to take a little girl to the movie wearing a Moana dress?  Or to gift a boy–because the movie is very guy friendly–with a Maui keychain?  Now there’s  a superhero!


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