Maggie B’s Kitty Cat Ode to Joy

Maggie B’s Ode to Joy dress

My 4 yo granddaughter and I really love this Ode to Joy pattern by Maggie B. It is offered to students in her on-line class with excellent directions and a multitude of step-by-step instructional pictures. Our little dynamo is always on the go, in a hurry to get wherever and impatient with fussy button closures. She’s a gal who has places to go, people to see, and things to do. So just get on with getting dressed!

One of the best features of this little frock is that it simply pulls over the head like a tee shirt. No buttons, no buttonholes.

As you can clearly see, the neck binding is loosey goosey. It IS important to use the correct size elastic and worth a trip to the store if you don’t have it on hand. Lesson learned.

With it’s pop-over style and comfy fit, Ode to Joy is a favorite of our Vivian Rose. The cat print is an added bonus, making it a very popular wardrobe choice.

Notice the loosey goosey neckline. It IS important to us the right size elastic!

It was presented to her when she was here for Thanksgiving weekend. I had to launder the dress every night as she slept. When she found a hat with a color coordinating ribbon in the nursery closet, Vivi was a fashionista every day.

Even the smocking is quick and easy, with approximately 90 pleats front and back.

Kitty OTJ smocking

I do wish I had made a size 4. As she is rapidly approaching 5 yo, I opted for the size 5. Vivi is relatively small for her age so the size 5 armholes are too deep. But she didn’t mind one bit.

Notice the depth of the armscye.

Our 10 month old puppy Samson and his twin sister Delilah are crazy about Vivi, her brother Alastair, our two older grands and all children. With dogs already weighing almost 100 lbs, their love of children is comforting.

I highly recommend this dress and the very reasonably priced on-line class which must be taken to get the pattern.

There are surely more Ode to Joy dresses in Vivian’s future.

What are some of your favorite patterns?

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