Christmas Cat Dress


CC Lucy embroidered with a darling cat Christmas tree from Apex Embroidery


It’s rush, rush, rush around here and, except for you amazingly organized ladies,  I expect we are all scurrying around with Christmas preparations.

This season has been especially busy for me as I am working on an heirloom project for Brother’s Stitching Sewcial blog.  Hurrah!  But I only had time to make a simple CC Lucy Christmas dress for 4 yo Vivian Rose.  And of course, a matching bow tie for big brother Alastair.



I was tickled pink to find the cat Christmas tree in the huge and wonderful Apex Embroidery catalogue.  Of course, cat-lover Vivian was delighted when the package arrived.

But there is more!  There are a darling black  cat tree,  as well as a daschund, labrador, puppy, fox and even a horse tree!  It was hard to pick which cat tree to use.


embroidery close up. The colors were edited to include more green. Such a perfect design for our cat-crazy little granddaughter.


There is still time time to whip up a tee or a quick and easy gift  for an animal loving friend.  Check them out!

Apex has become one of my favorite embroidery sites.  The designs stitch out beautifully and the catalogue offers so many unique designs.

Vivian’s dress is red pique’ lined and piped with lime green gingham.  I added the triangular gingham bias tree outline with an ultrasuede trunk, accenting the corners with lime green buttons. The “Meowy Christmas” text was also copied from another Apex design.

The Lolly Wolly Doodle footless tights have a ruffle at the ankle.  I think those tights are the finishing touch.

I had hoped to have a picture of Vivi wearing the dress, but her mother wisely decided not to have her try it on. If Vivian likes it, she wants to wear it all day every day, so it wouldn’t be fresh for Christmas. So after Christmas I will add a photo of the dress being modeled.

Eight year old Alastair took the monogrammed bow tie in stride.  It’s standard holiday fair, ho hum.

We’re all atwitter as our son arrived yesterday afternoon from NJ with our precious daughter-in-law and two older grandchildren Laurel and Robert.  It is pure joy to have them here.  Our agenda includes gingerbread house decorating, a visit to the Stetson Mansion which is decorated far past “the nines,” and a trip to St. Augustine to see the lights.  National Geographic has identified St. Augustine’s Christmas display as one of the top ten in the country, with carolers on the corners and the historic city looking like a fairy land.

Just after Christmas, our daughter and family will arrive with Vivi and Alastair for a few days of fun and quality family/cousin time.

It’s a merry, merry Christmas for the Fergusons and we wish the same for you.  Please share pictures!

And the Fergusons are wishing that  2018 bring you your best year ever.






10 responses to “Christmas Cat Dress

  1. Do you email your blog? I found it through a post on Facebook and enjoyed reading it. I, too, sew for my grandchildren and a couple of greats and love “stealing” ideas.

  2. Oh, Susan, hurrah for another like minded sewing grandmother! I’m glad you enjoy my blog but I can’t figure out how to let readers subscribe. I’d love for you to be a regular reader. And I would love to hear about what you are sewing for your greats and grands! And there is no stealing. You are welcome to any ideas you glean from my blog. Thanks for your comment.

  3. from MP forum: Perfect for your kitty loving girl, and oh those tights with RUFFLES!!! Be still my heart. Cute bow tie too and glad he takes his ties in stride. Thanks for the recommendation for Apex, I’ve collected some of their freebies (still unstitched) but wondered about their quality.

  4. from MP forum: That is adorable, Janice!

  5. Oh my, Janice – that is just the perfect Christmas Dress for Vivi! I love it – perfect match for those wonderful tights!

  6. from MP forum: So cute! I know it will be a big hit. You are an exceptional grandma…and person!

  7. from MP forum: Cute as can be!!

  8. from MP forum: What a purrrrrrfect Christmas dress for sweet Vivian. This is as cute and special as a dress
    can be! And as always, you did a fabulous job making it. Thanks so much for sharing…what
    an inspiration you are!

  9. I love this dress so much. Please let me know when your heirloom project is on Brother Sews, I always love seeing your projects.

  10. Thanks, Kay. I will be sure to let you know. It’s an introduction to heirloom for beginners but there might be a new nugget in there for those who have stitched heirloom for a while. I do so LOVE heirloom sewing!

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