Valentine Free Fil Tire’ Heart


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am again offering this free fil tire’ heart design.  There are many new readers who might enjoy this and some older readers who might have missed it.  The design is so suitable for this holiday celebrating love.  And what says love better than a heart?

I so appreciate the support and encouragement you dear readers have given me  through the years.  For the some time now I have been extraordinarily busy and posts have been few and far between. And yet you still stop by to read my infrequent chats. I thank you for that.

For this day celebrating love, I am offering this free machine embroidered fil tire’ heart, along with wishes for love each day.  Just leave your request for the design as a comment at the bottom of this post.

The wing needle design is very versatile.  I’ve used it in combination with other designs on thees baby pillows.



It stitches beautifully on Swiss flannel, as seen on this baby shawl.


This is how it really looked.  Below the image is shown with contrast to show more detail.


The design was reinterpreted on the bodice of Judith Dobson’s tea dress.



I wish each of you a happy Valentine’s Day with lots of love.  And spread some around, ok?




158 responses to “Valentine Free Fil Tire’ Heart

  1. KS, the designs have been sent. You can read about designs for sale in the message I sent you.

  2. Jenette, I am so sorry to be so slow to reply. Somehow your comment got buried at the bottom of 300 already read comments and I just came across it. It’s probably too late for you to use this for Valentine’s Day, which was probably your intent, but I will send it out right now, with my apology. It really is a sweet design. Again, I am so sorry about the delay. I hope you enjoy stitching this out.

  3. Angie, so sorry to be so slow to reply. The fil tire’ heart has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching it. This is a lovely technique.

  4. Frankie, I have written to you privately. The design has been sent. Happy stitching!

  5. Love your blog and would like to have the heart design to try on my machine. Very new to embroidery and heirloom sewing. Thank you for hard work.

  6. Thank you, Lydia, for your sweet words about my blog. The fil tire’ heart design has been sent. For best results, be sure to read the general info file before beginning. Happy sewing!

  7. Is it still possible to get the Fil Tire heart design? It’s beautiful! Absolutely inspiring ideas on your blog!

  8. Yes, Debbi, I’ll send it shortly. My friend Suzanne Sawko digitized this truly beatiful design. I have used it so many times. I’m so glad you found inspiration here. Thanks for stopping by.

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