From Sea to Shining Sea


My latest blog post at Brother’s Stitching Sewcial is up, named From Sea  to Shining Sea.

Yes, the embroidery design Born in the USA  is crooked and I just now noticed!!!!!  Oh, dear,  I was so focused on the concept of “sea to shining sea” –from the Statue of Liberty in NY to the Golden Gate Bridge to the Lone Star State of Texas,–that I was oblivious to the skewing.  Sigh….

Anyway, the design is darling and so appropriate for Independence Day.  There is plenty of time to whip this up before the celebratory parades, picnics and pyrotechnics.

With white shorts embroidered with a starburst,  a child is a walking, talking poster for patriotism.  I just love this.



A detailed tutorial and more photos are posted at  Stitching Sewcial.

Have you stitched any July 4th outfits for the little ones in your life?

And now for the requisite disclaimer:  I am a paid sewing expert/consultant for Brother.  And I love it.



4 responses to “From Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Rheeta Booth

    What a handsome and patriotic outfit! Any little guy would swell with pride to wear this. Would have loved to have this when my own three boys were young .

  2. I didn’t notice it was crooked at all! It is a darling Fourth of July outfit! Yes, I have a few things that I must complete quickly for the little girls for whom I am currently sewing little gifts.

  3. Thanks, Rheeta. Imagine THREE boys dressed in matching patriotic outfits! Now that would be a glorious sight. Wouldn’t a veteran be pleased to see that?

  4. Karen, I’m glad you didn’t notice the tilt. Don’t check again or it will jump out at you. I’d love to hear about your gifts for those lucky little girls.

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