Lacey Heirloom Bonnet

When I did my stitch rehearsal for the flowers, I couldn’t decide if I preferred the lighter or darker pink. So I alternated them and was pleased with the result.


Who can resist gazing at a baby in a bonnet?  The site warms the heart of every mother, grandmother, auntie or friend.

The pattern for this linen confection was included in Simplicity 8024, though it was modified greatly.   The addition of lace, embroidery, hemstitching,  and sculpted antique pearl buttons on the ties removes this from the realm of boy caps.  Embroidery floss was woven through the hemstitching holes to add a little more color.


The “horseshoe” bonnet back is embellished with more embroidery, beading, pinstitch,  and ribbon.


Please excuse the off center bow. I must have been leaning to the right when I tied it! I didn’t notice my mistake until the bonnet was sent off to Brother. Darn!


My detailed, step-by-step tutorial is featured on Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial.  Whether or not you own a Brother, this site overflows with sewing, embroidery, quilting and serging projects, many of which could be stitched on other machines. Check it out!

My Custom Stitch is a feature on many Brother sewing machines.  It allows you to design your own stitches, such as this one.  I used this to create the zig zag feather stitch. This would be so attractive down the front of a boy’s dress shirt with button-on pants.  Or on the bodice of a girl’s dress.  There are so many ways this stitch can be used to create a unique garment.  I’ve also used it on an Alice in Wonderland set of tea linens,  and several other items, including the perimeter of a baby blanket.

Though my Dream2 and other Brother machines have a lovely feather stitch, pivoting to get the zig zag pattern is very tedious and frequently unsuccessful. When stitched twice, butted one to another, diamonds are created.  Any imperfections in the match are covered with the flower embroidery.

The MCS zig zag feather stitch, the flower on the front, and the cluster of flowers on the back are available as a FREE downloads at Stitching Sewcial.

There are many other FREE downloads on this site.  I encourage you to take a look at Stitching Sewcial and see how many informative, creative and inspirational projects are posted there.




6 responses to “Lacey Heirloom Bonnet

  1. Such a beautiful bonnet! I fully expected to see Baby Bea in it, though!

  2. Thank you, Karen. She would look lovely in it! And–great news–her mama loves bonnets! I see lots of smocked and heirloom bonnets in her future. I’m so blessed to have this baby in my life and to sew for.

  3. Rheeta Booth

    The little flowers just make the bonnet and using both shades of pink was clever.

  4. You amaze me Janice! So cute and I love bonnets You are such a giving and talented person.

  5. Awww, thanks, Terri. I loved making this bonnet. The embroidery on linen always works out so nicely. Brother’s MCS feature is just awesome.

  6. Rheeta, thanks for noticing that little detail. They say necessity is the mother of invention. For me, mistakes are often the mother of new ideas. Thanks for your comment.

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