Give Thanks Decor


This is a fun and relatively quick project that will be a special reminder of the season of Thanksgiving.  A complete step by step tutorial is posted at

Children could be involved in this project and will be delighted to help with pulling burlap threads and stuffing the jars with the fairy lights.



It will be easy for you but I had  to struggle with various steps while making this.  Double sided tape has always been a staple of my sewing supplies, but now it is my new favorite.

Did you know it is described as permanent?  That’s good news for Give Thanks as it beautifies your mantle, piano, bookcase or anywhere.

We always celebrate fall in a big way, but Thanksgiving is the crowning glory of the harvest season.  So hop over to Stitching Sewcial and see just how this comes together.  If you like it, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment there.

FYI, there are so many fabulous ideas and tutorials posted at Stitching Sewcial.  You needn’t have a Brother machine to enjoy and reproduce many of the projects.  Take a look!

Required disclosure:  I am a paid and proud ambassador for Brother sewing machines.  I LOVE them.



8 responses to “Give Thanks Decor

  1. from Grammie on MPullen forum: That looks lovely, Janice…you continue to amaze me with your production of premium projects!

  2. Karen from MPullen forum: Very clever idea, Janice!!!

  3. Thank you, Karen! But it’s not so clever when you have a shelf of empty mason jars (though they wouldn’t work, too round) and yards of burlap you want to a use! But thanks for your sweet words.

  4. from Barbara at MPullen forum: WOW!! That’s impressive!!

  5. Barbara at MPullen forum: Barbara, thanks for liking this. I’ve really come to enjoy burlap for many projects. That’s a long, long way from my favorite Swiss batiste and fine linen. Who knew I would like it?

  6. from MP Forum: Grammie, thanks for this comment. I never thought of my projects as “premium.” I’m standing a little taller now after reading your generous comment. P.S. I am just 5′ tall so a little taller is just a fraction of an inch. But I appreciate it!

  7. from MPullen forum: There are no rules in sewing – if that burlap can take a seam why NOT???? go for it… those mini light sets will be on the shelves of Walmart they do take batteries.. and sometimes they come in non Christmas colours… well you know what I mean in the 50s you never saw purple or turquoise etc as part of the Christmas colour scheme nor fuschia… sadly the jars here are not round – does that matter>>> looked at 2 brands at WM yesterday BERNARDIN and some other brand I never heard of but glass is glass… bought some for jam making

  8. Regular round mason jars would work with many designs and alphabets. But for the large letters, the squarish jars work best, giving a flat surface for large letters. My WalMart had a whole shelf of them.

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