Thanksgiving 2021-It all came together!

table set, ready for dinner

What a joyous, satisfying Thanksgiving we had!  All the cooking and sewing and preparations proved to be worth it as it all came together and our family arrived.

We had some close calls and a lot of tension before that, though.  One week before Turkey Day, the thermostat in my stove died!  It would likely take a week to get a replacement part#$%&!!!!  Dear husband Bob decided we should just get a new stove, but in this era of widespread shortages, that was like a scavenger hunt!  He finally found one that fit our need and it was delivered Sunday morning.  Hallelujah!

While we were waiting on the stove, at 11 p.m.Friday night, we discovered a flood in the dining room coming coming from under the china cabinet!  YIKES!!! We spent the night rotating 4-6 beach towels soaking up the water, spinning them in the washer then drying them while others replaced them with another set of  beach towels.

God bless the wonderful plumber who showed up at 11 a.m.Saturday and fixed the kitchen plumbing which had a 1/4″ hole in the pipe!  All the while I was praying the kitchen stove would be delivered the next day as promised.

Before all that angst, there was so much excitement as we readied everything–new curtains were made for one guest room, new pillowcases were made and embroidered, flower beds were weeded, fresh flowers placed in the guest rooms and front hall.  The dogs and cats were well aware that something was going on.

Sebastian eagerly awaits guests’ arrival

Before everyone arrived, the dinner table was set. I made free standing lace “ornaments” or “dingle dangles.”  They were tied to the burlap napkin rings which coordinated with the burlap table runner.  The burlap rings were wrapped around linen hemstitched napkins.

Burlap napkin ring with free standing lace pumpkin from Embroidery Library’s Fall Favorites collection. I’m going to have to press that burlap runner into flat submission with heavy starch and my press!  UPDATE:All the starch in the world won’t make burlap lie flat.  The trick is to pull a burlap strand just 2 threads inside the fringe, like pulling a gathering  thread.  THEN starch and press the edge flat.

Burlap napkin ring with fsl acorn from Embroidery Library’s Fall Favorites collection. I’m going to have to press that burlap runner into flat submission with heavy starch and my press!  See update above.

Family came from Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas, from college students to 88 yo grandmothers.  I love having the whole spectrum of ages represented!

Our handsome Florida Southern basketball player with his 87 yo grandmother (can you believe it?), my beloved Aunt Rheeta

For each of the ladies who helped me cook an embroidered souvenir apron was made.

Another souvenir gift was a dishtowel for each of the women.  Adriana, who will soon be moving to her own apartment, will have this reminder of gratefulness for family.

Everyone pitched in with the cooking and clean up.  Texas cousin Missy made perfect gravy with her Omaha brother Pastor Jeff supervising.

Cousins Missy and Jeff, making gravy

Recent Texas A&M graduate Adriana helped with everything, specializing in cleanup.

Adriana, recent Texas A&M grad assigned to kitchen duty, still smiling

After dinner, pumpkin, pecan and mincemeat pie, we sat around on the back porch, letting dinner settle, telling family stories and laughing.

relaxing after dinner

Then pictures, soooo many pictures, were taken.  I’ll spare you all but this last one, taken at the end of a glorious Thanksgiving day.

Sebastian was convinced everyone came to see him. In the back are the Nebraska clan and my guy Bob. They are all sooo tall, even Sebastian who is still growing!

Now, the family has all  gone home.  Aunt Rheeta flew to Indianapolis yesterday after we said our last sad farewells.

I love Thanksgiving and all this holiday is meant to represent.  May you all enjoy your many blessings as we are.

thanksgiving quote on an orange stripe background

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