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Machine Shadow Embroidered Pillowcase

design from Shadowed Bows 2.


This pillowcase combines two of my favorite techniques, shadow embroidery by machine and Madeira applique by machine.  I doubt the appeal of either will ever fade for me.

By hand, shadow work  is a soothing needleart that creates stunning results.  By embroidery machine, it is a quick, exciting effort that creates  the very same delicate result.  In earlier posts, I’ve detailed the process by which designs can be worked in a snap with the aid of an embroidery machine.  Suzanne Hinshaw developed the technique and has several collections on the market.  This design is from one of her earlier sets, Shadowed Bows TwoContinue reading

Coming Home Teddy Bear

When a new baby comes home from the hospital, special clothing is in order. In this day and age, knowing the baby’s gender well in advance of birth gives plenty of time to sew this outfit.

Because our first grandchild was a baby girl, the impending arrival of a grandson was very exciting. My mother had sewn very little in the years before his birth, but did have a lovely, perfectly plain white outfit she had made for a porcelain doll some years earlier. She had always meant to embellish it with hand embroidery, but dolls are patient and she just never got around to it. Would this be appropriate, she asked, for bringing her first great-grandson home? If so, would I complete the outfit with some embroidery? Continue reading