Machine Shadow Embroidered Pillowcase

design from Shadowed Bows 2.


This pillowcase combines two of my favorite techniques, shadow embroidery by machine and Madeira applique by machine.  I doubt the appeal of either will ever fade for me.

By hand, shadow work  is a soothing needleart that creates stunning results.  By embroidery machine, it is a quick, exciting effort that creates  the very same delicate result.  In earlier posts, I’ve detailed the process by which designs can be worked in a snap with the aid of an embroidery machine.  Suzanne Hinshaw developed the technique and has several collections on the market.  This design is from one of her earlier sets, Shadowed Bows Two

With design sets including teddy bears, flowers, angels,  monograms and more, shadow work by machine offers a huge variety of  designs.

The blue Madeira applique’ hem is done with the miraculous technique using water soluble thread.  This, too, has been described in earlier posts.  Pinstitched in place, the scalloped hem is echoed in a feather stitch just above.  Pinwheel roses are perched at each peak, accenting the line and covering the usually untidy pivot of the feather stitch.

If either of these techniques is new to you, I strongly encourage you to try one.  There are so many applications for each.

3 responses to “Machine Shadow Embroidered Pillowcase

  1. This is gorgeous! Where can I learn to do the miraculous technique using water soluble thread for the Madeira applique?

  2. Thanks, Karen. The Madeira applique technique is just fabulous. As soon as I get Easter behind me, I’ll write with some detailed information for you. Meanwhile, lay in a supply of water soluble thread, Madeira Cotona thread and a needle for hemstitching. You’ll be Maderia-ing in no time at all!

  3. Venita Henderson

    This is an art I have never tried….. I oooh and aaah over all of it. Need to try it!

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