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Another Smocked AG Doll Dress


This dress was made many years ago, before embroidery machines, before grandchildren and before I had any idea that grandparenthood would be such a busy time.  Again and again I am grateful for all my class samples, like this dress,  which seem to have been lying in wait to be worn or played with by a grandchild.

When Mildred Turner and I were doing our Sewing for Dolls schools around the country, we designed unique, personalized wardrobes for porcelain dolls, made by my mother and included in the class kits.  Each school had a different doll–the same body but different face and hair, like American Girl or Cabbage Patch dolls, so all the clothes and patterns were interchangeable.

Each doll was like a participant in the Witness Protection Program.  She was given an identity and fictional life, even an adoption certificate,  then outfitted to fit the character she became. Continue reading

Novelty Bishops


Some time ago, I posted an article entitled Liberty Goat Dress.  That garment is what I call a novelty bishop, which is a  fun, innovative variation on the classic bishop dress.  It simplifies pleating and solve the difficulties of smocking on plaids, Liberty of London tanna lawn and other prints.  Or it can simply combine two solids for a different look.

This post features a different garment but the same  technique, explained in what I think is a clearer manner.  I hope it is useful to you.




This variation substitutes a solid colored fabric for the smocked portion of the garment.  A plaid novelty bishop school dress can be smocked at the solid colored yoke with picture smocking or the colors in the plaid.   Picture smocking on plaids would otherwise be an serious challenge.

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