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Easter Bubble Done, almost

A bubble


Alastair’s Easter outfit is almost done. As soon as I get his thigh measurement, I can put the elastic in the legs and it will be ready to wear.


flowering plum

wild flowering plum tree


It was a gorgeous spring day in central Florida and I so enjoyed being outside to take these photos.  My wild flowering plum tree is in full bloom and was full of busily buzzing bees.  The azaleas are all showing off in orchid and pink, the dogwood tree is ready to burst open its buds and the orange blossoms will scent the air in a few days.  Spring in Florida is a glorious time.

Aside from taking these few pictures,  planting some impatiens and cooking dinner, I have done nothing but sew. After dinner, I stitched the buttonholes, sewed on the buttons and gathered up my materials for Laurel’s dress.   It has been a sewing extravaganza for me.  And, as always, I learned a few things. Continue reading