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Free Bunny Trio ME Design

free bunnies design

construction, embroidery and other details of this dress are posted here


As we all know, bunnies are very popular motifs for Easter.     I like this design because it is extends seamlessly into spring and summer without screaming Easter.  Once again, it is being offered as a free design for you busy readers who might not have asked for it when it was first posted.  The directions have been revised and enhanced, I hope.  So if you already have the bunny trio, feel free to ask for the new and improved version.


3 bunnies BR

The bunnies are composed of two machine made yo-yo’s, applique’d ears and a pom pom tail.  If you would like this sent to you, leave your request as a comment below.  It will show me your e-mail address, but will not be made public.

I’m busy, busy, busy with Easter sewing and expect that many of you are as well.    It’s not too late to stitch this out before March 27 on a little garment.

Let me know what you are sewing for Easter.  I’m getting started very late this year.

f4518a739b7454b3f8a72d9669374273Sure,  that’s me, wearing my pearls as I sew.  Yeah.  Umhmmmmm…But it’s true there’s not much cooking or cleaning going on around here.