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Duckling Preemie Isolette Shirt


Another preemie isolette shirt is finished and delivered for soon-to-arrive Baby Beatrice.  Her adoptive parents are now 5 states away from home awaiting the birth.  It was planned for her to be delivered via C-section at 30 weeks, due to the birth mom’s earlier pregnancy complications.

The good news is that Baby might not need this or the other diaper shirt I made for her! At almost 36 weeks in utero, she may be bigger than the 4-5 lb. size of these garments.  That’s something to celebrate!  Our church has been praying and eagerly waiting for this lucky baby to be delivered into the arms of her fabulous parents.  We can’t wait to see her.

I really, really like this pattern by Nancy Coburn of Ginger Snaps Designs.

It come in several  sizes from micro-preemies all the way up to regular size newborn. Recommendations are included from NICU nurses for this sweet, specialized sewing.   Variations of  the single fabric design are included, such as this one made from two tiny scraps of pique’ and gingham.



The darling vintage duckling embroidery designs are from MommysApronStrings Etsy shop.    They stitch out beautifully and are perfectly digitized and proportioned for this little diaper shirt as well as other children’s projects.  There are several other charming designs that I will be using for future projects.  The “buttons” were also machine embroidered before the soft velco  was sewn to the shirt at the front and shoulders. Continue reading

Sew Kindness–free design


for you--design from Fil Tire' and Fancywork Frames and Phrases, shown on a greeting card

for you–design from Fil Tire’ and Fancywork Frames and Phrases, shown on a greeting card


For some time now, I have been awed by the inherent kindness and generosity of stitchers.  There might be one bad apple in a basket, but the rest of the needleworker bushel is all sweet Honeygold.  The “Sisterhood of the Needle” spreads goodness indiscriminately to friends, loved ones and strangers.


I bet YOU are a good apple, a sweet Honeygold.

I bet YOU are a good apple, a sweet Honeygold.


Lately, examples of this goodness keep popping up in front of me.  Let me tell you about a few…… Continue reading