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Highlights Day #3~Martha’s Orlando Market

NOTE: Thanks to all who spoke in favor of an overview/report on the last day of Martha’s Market.  No one chimed in that the topic was overworked, so here is the final installment of my report from the front line of sewing fun.~~~~~~~

This was another great day, though relatively short.  I was so tired that I chose to sleep in, even though it mean missing Louise Cuttings 8:00 class. Her One Seam Pants pattern has always intrigued me and I thought I’d check it out.  But it will have to be another time.


So I slipped in to Connie Palmer’s class  Connie’s Techniques & Notions Know-How – Take your sewing up a few notches by learning the favorite techniques and notions that are Connie’s favorites when she creates her sewing masterpieces. You’ll see how she uses notions; whether “tried and true” or the “new kid on the block,” you’ll learn how to make each and every technique easier and with perfect results every time. ..

WOW!  Connie scopes out all the latest notions and then applies them to her dynamite techniques.  She creates more beautiful things in less time than anyone I know.  As this blond whirlwind said, when she sews, she likes to GO!  And not stop to wait for something to dry or to spend time calculating the distance between buttonholes.




Spaghetti bias is so big right now and Connie is all about it.  Fasturn Tubes have been around for a long time, but it took Connie’s samples and tips for me to board that bandwagon.  Of course, in her insistence on perfect everything, she has embraced the Fasturn Tiger Eye.  It sounded good when she described it, though I wasn’t at all sure how it would work.  But I bought it.

Like the majority of people, I am a visual learner.  I found this very clear, succinct instructional video on YouTube that shows exactly how to use this valuable little tool. Continue reading