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Wedding Table Numbers


frame style #1  NOTE: The numbers were all the same color, a bright pink, not the neon pick shown her nor the red in the next photo.

At our daughter Rebecca’s home garden wedding, I gave a lot of thought to just how to number the tables.  I decided to stitch the embroidery in the wedding colors and frame them.  They are large enough to be read easily and yet took up very little table space.

First, I went to an outlet store and purchased the gold frames.  I was unable to find 15 exactly the same,  so I just selected frames with a similar look.  When looking for their table, I thought no guest notices or cares that the frames are not all identical.


second frame style

Next it was important to make certain that the number design would fit into the frame.  Double digit numbers were a challenge and even in a reduced size,  really hugged the edge of the frame.  They also required a smaller floral design.

The floral designs are from Sue Box.  Absolutely everything she digitizes is spectacular.  From her fabulous Golden Classics collection, one or another of the Briar Rose subcategory of designs was embroidered on every table number.  The ribbon outline was stitched in gold metallic to accent the gold in the color scheme.

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