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Polar Fleece Monogrammed Throw


As cold weather approaches, I am taking inventory of my polar fleece stash.  It is a fabulous fabric with unbelievable warmth, undeniable ease of care and unfailing popularity. A suitable gift for anyone, a monogrammed polar fleece throw is always a winner.

When one of my oldest and dearest friend moved to Maine—MAINE for heavens sakes!!!!–from our  neighborhood in sunny Florida, I was shocked and a little outraged. She is my son’s godmother and my daughter is her namesake.    How could she, who had loved and lived in Florida for 40+ years, leave Paradise—and us— for the frozen North! I was pretty sure she would freeze to death in her charming but ancient 1880 farmhouse overlooking the ocean, while I was  warm and worrying and missing her here in Florida.

For her August birthday and for a modicum of my own peace of mind, I made this throw for her. At least, I thought, she could curl up in the polar fleece with her cell phone and have a hot pizza delivered to her home. Well, she could if they deliver up there during Maine’s 10 month winter and if they could make it up her steep, icy driveway. But back to sewing……

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