Brother-Sister Wiggles Outfits


My precious daughter-in-law really likes brother-sister outfits for Robert and Laurel.  So for their birthdays, I usually make themed, matching clothes.

Since their birthdays are only 15 months apart, their interests are not so unlike as to make that a problem, at least not until 4 yo Robert’s Spiderman party. But that’s  another story, another post.


R red car

Robert in his Big Red Car gifted by his great-grandmother, Neenie.


For Robert’s second birthday, it was all about the charming Wiggles and their Big Red Car. With no Wiggles machine embroidery designs available, I had to fall back on my Brother PE-Design software, with its wonderful make-a-face feature. Here you can select facial shape as well as hair style, eye, eyebrow, nose and mouth shapes.

If I had spent a little more time at it, I’m sure their Wiggle mothers could have recognized them. But being short of time, as always, I did only a passable job of it. But in the eyes of two year old Robert, the stitched out Wiggles looked like his guys fer sure.


R 2nd tree

This is Robert’s birthday tree, planted as a seedling when he was born. Each birthday the grandchildren are photographed with their tree, to measure the growth of both.


Making the yellow Wiggles “cloud” was easy enough and I was able to match the text with the fonts in my software.

The one piece Jon-Jon pattern in Martha’s Favorite Appliques  book is so quick and simple that you can easily justify making a garment for any occasion. The accompanying girl’s A-line jumper is equally fast.

At the time, I was unaware that The Wiggles were coming to Orlando for a live performance just 3 months later.

Robert and Laurel were so excited to have their Wiggles  outfits to wear to the performance.

Both patterns are fully lined, eliminating the need for finishing the hem or armscye. I found a really cute cotton print that simply had rows and rows of Happy Birthday text in bright colors. So I used that to line the outfits and for the tablecloths. I wish I had bought the whole bolt. The tablecloths have been used several times since then and are beginning to show signs of wear (read “party stains”).


R L Nannie

Laurel and Robert with my mother, their great-grandmother Neenie.


There probably won’t be many more matching birthday outfits, or even brother sister outfits. But I certainly am enjoying the time I have to dress them alike.



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