Linen Bib


When my daughter was pregnant with her first child, Alastair, I mailed her a package every Monday with something I had made for the baby.  This bib was undoubtedly the quickest and easiest of all the projects and yet it is one of her favorites.

When it comes to practicality, the dressy double linen bib is good for drool but not much else.  For church or a formal occasion, it will keep a teething baby’s clothing relatively dry while looking so much nicer than a lime green  “I love Barney” bib.  But it’s not much good for a meal of Spaghettios.

An elegant machine embroidered monogram reaffirms that Baby is dressed for An Occasion.  OESD’s Dazzle Alphabet is the source of this design.

“Blank” bibs similar to this, are reasonably priced and come in pink, ecru, white and blue as shown, all over the white under bib.  I keep a supply of these ready mades on hand to tuck into a card welcoming a new baby to the world.

I’ve often thought it would be fun to make my own double layer bib and add lace or a Swiss trim on  the edges.  The raw seam is just sandwiched between the two layers.  To serge it or even roll and whip would cause a ridge to show.  Some day I’m going to make one in pink with lace.  Maybe if Alastair ever has a little sister.

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