Angel Watch

My daughter loves pretty blankets for her baby  boy and this is one of her favorites.    I like to think this angel and others, unseen, watch over my precious grandson.

The shawl is made of 100% wool challis.   It has the drape and softness of rayon challis, with extra lightweight warmth and without synthetic fibers.  What a luxurious and cooperative fabric this is!  This shawl has been machine washed and dried a number of times and requires only a light pressing.

The  generous 45″ square is hemstitched and edged with  three rows of parchment colored trim, antique lace insertion and edging,  lace tape in the center.  This, of course, requires more serious pressing.

The Pfaff angel alphabet is one of the  collections I purchased shortly after getting my first embroidery machine.  The alphabet has beautifully shaded letters and charming, detailed Old World cherubs.  From their tight ringlets to their plump little toes, these thread painted cherubs are exactly what I would expect to see if, perchance, I happened upon a real one.  But that’ s pretty unlikely.

Raphael's fresco The Nymph Galatea

They look too much like the cupids in Raphael’s The Nymph Galatea for the resemblance to be a coincidence.  It’s most likely that the digitizer had this image before him when the alphabet was designed. But then again, I suppose all cherubs look like fat baby angels, so perhaps I’m wrong.  It has happened once or twice before 😉

As seen in this fresco, the nymph Galatea had more need of immediate protection  little Alastair ever  will.  At least I hope so.  But the concept of angelic defense certainly appeals to my grandmother sensibilities.

Even if the cherub/angel does not protect him from Tritons, the woolen blanket might keep him from catching cold.  Now that’s real protection.

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