Frog Ballet

Laurel, comparing sizes with her birthday

It’s nice to have a quick and easy little project in answer to the regularly scheduled question, “Will you make me something, Nana?”

This comfortable two-piece knit outfit is just the sort of thing that Laurel likes to wear in the summer.  The skirt features three froggy ballerinas from Sew Many Designs’ ( Feelin’ Froggy applique’ collection.  The shirt is embroidered with a pair of ballet slippers hanging from a floral swag.

Machine embroidered applique’  is especially suitable for knits because the designs are usually not as stitch intensive a filled motif.  Sew Many Designs is one of my favorite sites.   Their collections cover every subject,  are cute as can be and are reasonably priced.  And  they always stitch out beautifully.


It is so hard to find children’s wear like this, with no embroidery or screen printing.  I bought a set in blue and red, but wish I had bought one of each color available.  Then the next time she asks me to make her something, I can whip something up in a heartbeat.

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