One More Pillowcase Monogram

Nicky pc

It’s no secret that pima cotton pillowcases are one of my favorite wedding and shower gifts. The king size pillowslip shown is one of a set of six made for a wedding shower gift.

There is nothing very remarkable about them, except that the bride-to-be is a rather tailored young lady whose personal taste does not gravitate to flowery designs or frilly housewares, which is exactly where my preferences lie.

So when I opened my BuzzXplore program and pulled up this monogram alphabet from Martha Pullen’s 2002 Embroidery Club, I was satisfied that it would fill the bill.

Tatting is always a nice finish for bed linens, as it is so sturdy and can withstand heavy laundering. Fond as I am of hemstitching, I fought the urge. Even using great care and a #100 needle rather than a wing, I have cut tatting while pinstitching it in place. So I settled for a simple rolled edge over the crochet line in the tatting.

The young lady seemed quite pleased with the pillowcases, as they coordinate with the color scheme she has chosen for the master bedroom. She even commented on the silky finish of the pima cotton.

As I’m sure you all know, there is so much more satisfaction in giving a gift that you have made rather than purchase.

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