Amy’s Sundresses


They say the acorn does not fall far from the tree,  and for Judy Day’s little acorn Amy, it certainly is  true.  We all hope our daughters will learn to sew and share our passion for for the art.  Amy has the passion and the talent to sew beautiful, creative things.

She took to sewing like the proverbial duck takes to water. While teaching school full time, working on her master’s degree at night and tending to her pre-school daughter, house and husband,  Amy took up sewing.  And then she ran with it.

She began with traditional sewing on a Babylock Decorators Choice, a Christmas gift from her parents and never looked back.  Now that she has an embroidery machine, she is sewing more than ever, while continuing with all her responsibilities, as well as finishing up her Ph.D. 

After seeing the clothes she has made for her daughter and the gifts she has given for baby showers and other occasions, her friends and neighbors have beseiged her with special orders.  She is one busy gal!

This sundress is copied from a picture Amy saw in a magazine.  The green apron is attached only at the waist and monogrammed for her daughter.  A scan of the fabric was sent to Judy who digitized the tiny bird, used both on the monogram and the covered button hair bow.

The doll dress is just as cute and contemporary. 

What little girl wouldn’t love this three piece set?  What mother wouldn’t be tickled pink to see her daughter sewing like this?  Judy is so fortunate to share this bond with her daughter.  She is just as blessed to share it with her own mother, Amy’s grandmother.  That’s one sew fantastic family.

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