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If becoming a grandmother was only a matter of choice, I should advise every one of you straight away to become one. There is no fun for old people like it!~Hannah Whithall Smith
NOTE: It’s all this old English major can do to scratch out “was” and insert “were.” What ever happened to the subjunctive mood in English? But I must respect the quotation marks. See end of post…….

Today, as planned, my little homeschoolers had lunch in the treehouse. Laurel was appropriately dressed in her ladybug knit outfit (see earlier post Frog Ballet), made from an inexpensive blank set from WalMart.

The applique’ ladybugs on the shirt and skort are from JuJu Designs Lola Ladybug collection. The row of tiny bugs are from Amazing Designs Ladybug set.
What started out as a simple picnic with a view turned into a shop project/marketing lesson/nutrition study/produce harvest and organizational drill—all this and the days required 3Rs. Going with the flow and following the children’s natural interest are two more reasons that I love homeschooling.

First, it was determined that a new system was needed for the dumb waiter (read “basket on a rope”) to upload their supplies to the Treehouse Cafe. For years and years, this basket has hauled children’s supplies into the treehouse. Finally, after simply being dragged over the wall, the rope gave out.
So after Robert finished his lessons, he and Granddad took on pulley installation as their shop class project.  For this 4 year old, shop is the highlight of his curriculum. He and his grandfather did a bang up job. Actually, they banged for quite some time while Laurel, 5, did her reading and geography.
After a brief discussion about a well-balanced meal, Laurel planned the menu and then worked on a pleasing presentation.
By then, the pulley was operational and Robert came down to help pick the loquats (also known as Japanese plums).

Laurel made up a list of necessary supplies for the cafe: quilt, plates, napkins, food and flowers.

With the new pulley, the children had as much fun downloading the lunch debris and they did uploading it.

The diners ordered their favorite sandwiches, cream cheese and homemade mayhaw jelly on raisin bread and American cheese on white, selected their juice boxes and finally lunch was served. Robert’s ever present teddy napped during the meal.

Once again, the value and quality workmanship of the new pulley system was given much acclaim and Robert glowed from the praise.Then it was back to school for the rest of the day’s lessons.

After all the excitement of lunch at the Treehouse Cafe, a quiet afternoon of spelling and time in the book nook suited both students.  The teacher was looking forward to some time in her own book nook–the sewing room. books magic

Subjunctive Mood

The subjunctive mood is the verb form used to express a command, a wish, a suggestion or a condition that is contrary to fact. A verb in the subjunctive mood may have a different form to one with the same subject which is not in the subjunctive mood.
I was in your position two years ago. (not in the subjunctive mood)
If I were in your position, I would do the same. (subjunctive mood)

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