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After a fabulous weekend with both of our son and daughter and their families, I started pulling out some of Rebecca’s dresses that have been packed away for Laurel. Sadly, many are already outgrown, as I missed the small window of opportunity to pull  them out for a second generation.  But this one is out of retirement.


It hurts to see the rippled yoke. I do a better job now.

It hurts to see the rippled yoke. I do a better job now.


The Little Sunday Dresses pinafore is just the right size for Laurel now.  Smocked with Ellen McCarn’s monogram, the skirt and shoulder ruffles are Swiss embroideries from Capitol Imports.  The bodice is Swiss batiste.

I had planned to pick out the monogram and re-smock it with Laurel’s initials. But the stitches are  just old enough (25 years) and the blue floss just dark enough that I’m afraid the color may have marked the fabric permanently. So I’m just going to leave it.

Rebecca wore this frequently for a period of two years. It would have fit her for a third year,  but was too short.


There should have been snaps at that back gaposis.

There should have been snaps at that back gaposis.


Aside from being gorgeous to behold, these wide Swiss embroideries–this one was 27″– eliminate the need for a fancyband or any embellishment on the skirt.  Time is saved because no hem is required.  But without a hem, there is nothing to let down when the child grows taller and the embroidery makes it unsuitable for a growth tuck.  Still, the loveliness outweighs those few drawbacks.

Many, like this, have companion pieces of different widths, like the one used on  the shoulder ruffles.

This is a great pattern, with a wide, square armhole which allows for considerable growth and change in size. Excess fabric is drawn up with the ribbon.

I don’t recall the yoke being so rippled. Perhaps it was not, or perhaps I just turned a blind eye. At any rate, it looks better on Laurel than on the hanger.

I missed my chance to get a photo of her wearing it this weekend. There was just so much going on, with swimming and big cousins chasing the little cousin and meals and laughing.

When I can catch her, I’ll get a photo posted to show how nicely this pinafore fits.

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  1. I love this pinafore and e joked this blog as usual

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