Tool Time Boy


Robert, 5, with the tool caddy he made with his grandfather.

Robert, 4, with the tool caddy he made with his grandfather.



Since 4 year old Robert joined Laurel for homeschooling 6 weeks ago, shop class with Granddad has been a part of his curriculum. Robert loves it and so does his grandfather.



His first project was the tool box he is holding in the photo. He was so incredibly proud of it  that he carried his tool box around his home, showing and re-showing it to his entire family, all of whom ooohed and awwwwhed appreciatively. Seeing the satisfaction on that little boy’s face  just melted my heart. And Bob’s, too.




The outfit he is wearing began as plain knit ready-to-wear garments. But with a little machine embroidery, they were transformed into Robert’s new favorite outfit. He looks like a little workman in them.

The designs are from JuJu’s Under Construction collection at

Her appliqué designs are always attractive and sturdy.

Robert is the proud owner of his own hammer, screw driver and a pair of pliers. He has asked for a table saw but that request was understandably rejected. But Granddad promised that when Robert is older,  he will have one. Robert pressed the matter, asking just how old he had to be. Choosing to err on the side of safety, Bob told him 13.

Robert is very excited and used the counter beans to conclude that will be in just 9 years. He thinks that is not so long from 4–just 9  beans. We’re going to work on his concept of time.

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