Scrubbing Bubbles


Alastair needed another hooded bath towel.   So I pulled this luscious knit blank from my stash and sent  it out to him the next day. The design is from the darling Leon and Lilly collection by OED. There is a matching knit wash cloth, but I forgot to take a photo before sending it out.

Cute as this bathing bear is, adding Alastair‘s initials to the tub made it sweeter.  It just tickled my daughter who loves monograms and personalization.

It is so handy to have a supply of blanks on hand. By having this towel waiting in my sewing room, I was saved me the time it would take to make or shop for a towel.

I encourage you to build up a stash of basic blanks. You can’t always find plain tee shirts or sweaters to embroider for a quick little gift. I have zipper bags with tee shirts in several colors in each size, as well as these towels, wash cloths, onesies and baby bibs. For a special reward or a sad face, an inexpensive embellished tee shirt is a quick and easy smile guarantee.

My dear 88 year-old aunt is in the hospital with a multitude of health issues. Thankfully, none of these generate any discomfort for her. But I have spent a large portion of every day for the past week at her bedside. I could not possibly have managed to personalize a towel for Alastair if I had had to shop or sew.

This week, Robert and Laurel are out of state for the high school graduation of their twin second cousins. Before the children’s departure for Tennessee, I took them to the hospital to see Aunt Aileen. It was their regular overnight sandwiched between two days of homeschool. As soon as I told them about Aunt Aileen’s hospitalization and the impending visit, they both wanted to make her what they call a “feel-you-better” card.

At Laurel’s suggestion, I cropped the photo from the carousel ride at Disney last week and she used it for the center of a flower. This is her favorite subject for art work. We printed the picture on the bottom half of card stock, folded it and cut a circle to reveal her little face. Then she drew flower petals around the photo and wrote a rather lengthy get well message. It was very sweet.

Not to be outdone, Robert wanted his face centered in his own drawing. Still excited about his Tool Time outfit (see previous post), he put his photo on the black handle of a screw driver. While this is not a typical get well design, he was quite pleased with the results and so was Aunt Aileen.














But back to the towel.. Before they were born, I made 45″ square hooded bath towels for both Robert and Laurel. Robert’s is shown here. Unfortunately, the towel recently has met with foul play in an encounter with a gooey, green, gel-like substance,  intended strictly for outdoor use.

In his effort to remove it from his bathroom mat, the towel is stained green with globs of the slimy, gooey substance. He has asked me to make him another but would like it to be yellow. The only yellow terry cloth I can find is soft, baby yellow. Does anyone know of a source for at least medium yellow terry cloth? If so please let me know.

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