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Do little boys in your area wear heirloom clothing?  I hope so.  This little suit is for my 18 month old grandson who will wear this as soon as he grows into it.  I am always so pleased that my daughter and her husband enjoy seeing Alastair in classic clothing.

The blue suit fabric is a very fine wool challis, no heavier than broadcloth.  It is lined with blue microcheck and closed at the shoulder and side tabs with pearl shank buttons.  I was tempted to embroider a little mouse on the front of the suit, but chose instead to leave it plain so that it would be more versatile.  I may make another shirt, perhaps with a wide, embroidered collar.





The shirt is made of ivory combed batiste.  A box pleat at center front allows for more ease of movement.  Pearl 4-hole shirt buttons close the back opening. 

The most noticeable feature of the shirt is the Binche picture lace on the collar and cuffs of the shirt.  Clearly, this is boy lace, with a not-too-scary predatory lion and strong color contrast.  Blue cordonett outlines the beast and the surrounding natural growth in which the little mouse is presumably hiding.  It has been pinstitched in place with matching blue DMC 50 wt. cotton thread on both the collar and sleeves.





Most Binche picture lace edging has a perfectly straight decorative edge, adorned with no more than picots.  This allows the same piece to be used for insertion, as shown on the sleeves.  However, the fabric was not cut away from behind the lace, as it would serve no purpose other than to feminize the shirt and compromise the integrity of the sleeve.  And who wants that on an outfit for a rough and  tumble little boy?

I’m really eager to see Alastair wearing this suit.  A picture of him wearing a pair of white high top shoes would be timeless.  I wonder how long little boys have been wearing suits like this, certainly longer than I remember and that’s a lonnnnnnnnnng time.

I’m going to say it again.  I love classic children’s clothing.

P.S.   I do have several bolts of Binche lace for sale, $4 py.  Drop me a note if you would like some.



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