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When this peach bishop dress was first posted,   I offered to post my original smocking design for readers.  At last, here it is.   In order for it to be accessible, you may do a screen capture and save to your computer or leave a comment requesting the design and I will e-mail the  .jpg file to you.

My goal was to mimic the Swiss embroidery and French lace on the sleeve caps., to visually continue the pattern into the smocking.  It was a fun and interesting design challenge which I enjoyed.  I was generally pleased with the results.

Note that the graphed design shows bullion tulips while the smocked peach bishop shows 6 cable flowerettes.  Of course, use whichever you like. But you didn’t need me to tell you that.




This design was published in the Smocking Arts Guild Newsletter many years ago.  Submitted with the graph and info included here was a smocked sample, on blue Imperial batiste.   The colors mentioned in the text were for that blue piece, not this peach bishop. I bet you could didn’t need me to tell you that either.

I hope you like this design.  I’d love to hear from anyone who actually uses it.  Happy smocking!

NOTE:  I’ve got a new computer with a larger monitor.  I cannot tell if the smocking design fits on the page properly for regular monitors.  Please let me know if you have trouble viewing it.








16 responses to “Smocking Design for You

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! would you please email it to me, I can’t seem to get it to print correctly.


  2. I LOVE the “lace” smocking! Thank-you!

  3. This is beautiful. Please email this to me. Thank you very much.

  4. The design has been sent. Happy smocking!

  5. I love your design it is one of the pretiest ones I have ever seen I am going to try and do it. It will have to be off of my computer my printer broke. so wish me luck and keep bringing them on


  6. Good luck, Kelli. This will be more challenging without the printed design in front of you. Happy smocking!

  7. Janice this is absolutely beautiful. Could you please email the pattern to me.
    Thank you

  8. Thank you, Sandra. I graphed that for a SAGA design competition about 30 years ago and then made the dress for my 4 yo daughter. That was long before I learned how to make a nice, tiny, tight neck binding. Learning continues. The smocking pattern has been e-mailed to you. Happy smocking, Sandra.

  9. Please send me the plate. Thank you so much!!

  10. Pat, the plate has been sent. Happy smocking!

  11. Hello Janice – I just love your lacey look on your smocking design. Could you please email me the pattern? Thanks so much.

  12. Julianne, the smocking design has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching it.

  13. Josie Wamsley

    This is lovely Janice. Please email me the pattern. Thank you.

  14. Diane Palmisano

    Beautiful Janice! Could you please tell which edition of Smocking Arts the plate was published in? I should have all of them. Thanks, Diane Palmisano

  15. Thanks, Josie. The pattern should be in your mail now. Happy smocking!

  16. Thank you, Diane. This was published in the Spring, 1985, issue. I’m glad this information was recorded in my very detailed (for my use) resume’ because I lost all but 3 of my Smocking Arts mags as a result of hurricane damage. Enjoy yours. They are a treasure.

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