New 4 Sale 8/17~More Liberty

SOLDÂ Â L-19 Liberty tana lawn...$9 for 1 piece 36" x 1-1/2 yds.

I’m still whittling away at my Liberty stash, frequently reminding myself  that I have tooo much and I probably won’t ever make all the quilts I daydreamed about.  So I am trying to be ruthless and reduce my collection by half.  This is very hard!

So here are more pieces, each 36″ wide, each $12 per yard, minimum cut 1 yard.~~~~

Browse “A STORE” categories for items that interest you.  Payment can be made with personal check, postal money order or Paypal.  Send an e-mail to with your order, your shipping address and your method of payment.  I will respond with a total, including shipping and  sales tax for Florida addresses.  If you choose Paypal, I will send you an invoice.

I’m sorry that this is more tedious than the one click purchase option on other upscale sites. This is more like a yard sale––bargain prices, changing inventory, and limited quantities.   You might be surprised at some of the unique items I have in my stash/hoard/collection!

Quantities are limited.

L-13 Liberty of London tana lawn....36" wide.....$12 per yard ......available 2 yds. 23"Â


L-14 Liberty of London tana lawn...36" wide...$12 per yard .. 3 yds. remaining


L-18 Liberty tana lawn....4 pieces available..36" x 20" @ $6 per piece


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