Come See~~2nd Annual AG Tea Party


Laurel’s Second Annual American Girls Tea Party is history.  After all the preparations, as expected, it was a huge success.  Last year the guest list was much smaller, but the past school year has brought a lot of new friends into my seven year-old granddaughter’s social circle.




All the girls are enthusiastic owners of one or more American Girls dolls, all of whom were, of course, also invited to the festivities.   As is so often the case, sewing projects played a part in this special event.

Wearing the gala party hats from Sister in Stitches that Laurel and I made  together, the dolls were seated on a crib size Liberty of London quilt with a floor pillow serving as a table.  The pillow was covered with organza and a linen tea cloth that matched the tea set. Satin table covers made for Laurel’s Cinderella  birthday party  were called back into service for both the girls’ and boys’ tables.


Laurel, with her beloved assistants Kit and Molly, setting up the doll area


The dolls’ “refreshments” included some very cute treats made by a few of the girls as a craft project.


Laurel and Robert’s  mother, Shelly, belongs to an active group of homeschooling mothers.  Tag-along siblings are always welcome so the large and loud group included two little sisters and three mischievous brothers.

Scamps #1, #2 and #3.


Our own 6 year-old Robert Charles was the ringleader of these scamps.  Even  though they were assigned their own area in the family room with video games, toys, a “Boys Only” private table and the same food which was served to the girls, they could not keep to themselves.  They teased and chased and annoyed the girls, who were giving as good as they got.

At one point, the boys tip toed into Laurel’s room and kidnapped a baby doll which they undressed. Then they ran through the tea party area with  the doll held high shrieking “NAKED BABY!!!  NAKED BABY!!”  To the boys’ delight, the girls were appalled.




My dear husband, “Granddad,” left the office early to stop by for a first hand look at the activities.   He was greeted with hugs from Laurel and a normally shy little sister who mistook him for someone she knew.  He loved it.  The blur is Laurel’s BFF, Rachel, running away from one of  the boys.




Shelly pulled together this event after teaching Robert and Laurel for a full day of school.  She intended this to be a low key, no-fuss affair, but it is just not in her nature.  Refreshments included fresh fruit and vegetables, cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, herb tea, lemonade and juice. She is truly an amazing mother, wife and daughter-in-law/friend.  Can you tell that I adore her?

Laurel had reviewed her hostess responsibilities and filled her role admirably, warmly welcoming each guest (even the boys!), pouring tea, and seeing that each girl wanted for nothing.  I was so proud of her.

The little girls were all dressed up and I had so wanted a group photo.  But I forgot my camera so had to rely on my cell phone and the few pictures Shelly had time to take.  This afternoon, after our school day, I did get a shot of Laurel in the smocked Liberty sundress she wore to the party.




The tea party was just a delightful, fun afternoon. The exuberant charm of these bright, sweet, well-loved children was refreshing, if not exhausting.

I’m already daydreaming about the Third Annual party….maybe placemats and free standing lace brimmed hats like the one Judy Day made for her granddaughter for Easter.  Ooooh, Laurel would like that!

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