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This vintage linen guest towel has been identified as Lefkara embroidery, thanks to Cynthia at California Stitching.      P.S. Just what do you think that figure in the inserted medallion is? A long-legged bunny? A sea gull? I’m pretty sure it’s something. What?

I could easily spend a good part of every day reading blogs about sewing.  How amazing is it that I can sit in front of the computer in my snug study, look out beyond the front porch to my roses and a second later  peer into the sewing rooms and minds of others around the country who share my passion for needlework?

These blogs are so well done!  If I spent the time to glean all  the valuable inspiration and information, I would never get to sewing!  This is exactly what Beckie was talking about in her recent blog Habits at Ponderings of Life, Memories, Sewing and More.  It was as if she were speaking directly to me, sort of like when the minister preaches to the entire congregation, but YOU KNOW he wrote that sermon just for you…….gulp.  Uh, thanks, Beckie!

 Thanks, Lisa, for the inspiration for Alastair’s first day of preschool shirt!

When I saw the shirt Lisa made for her 1st grader’s first day of school, I immediately purchased the design and have made grade level shirts for each of my three grandchildren.  I love it!  I would never have found the design or the inspiration if I hadn’t read her blog Mommy’s Apron Strings.  Thank you, Lisa!

Thanks, Terri, for generating Laurel’s interest!

It has been years since I have knitted. But then my granddaughter snuggled up to me while I was on-line.  She saw Terri Click’s blog post about knitting at The Thrifty Needle  and said she just had to learn how!  Because of the interest this post generated,  I’ve taught Laurel AND her mother to knit, which they now enjoy doing together in the evening. How sweet is that?  Thanks, Terri!

Crochet is another needle art that I’ve put aside since edging a tiny diaper shirt for Laurel, now 7 years old.  But when Jeannie B., at The Old Fashioned Baby Sewing Room, posted pictures of receiving blankets with dainty crocheted edges, I pulled out those hooks.

A few rows of single crochet and a row of picots–not much but something I wouldn’t have done without the inspiration from Jeannie.

I  crocheted an edge around the smocked pocket and antique yoke on a sundress for Laurel.  Since then, I’ve started the edge on a flannel receiving blanket for a neighbor’s new baby girl.  It’s still above 80 degrees here at night, so I have some time before she will need it.  I’m really enjoying this.  Thanks, Jeannie!

Applique’ cord is a technique that has always intrigued me and I’ve made feeble but futile attempts to work this delicate stitch.  But after seeing Martha’s tutorial at  The Southern Matriarch, I feel like The Little Engine That Could.  I think I can!  I think I can!   On the next suitable project, I will tackle applique’ cord with new resolve, also with the tutorial on the screen  in front of me.  Thank you, Martha!

Aside from Martha’s information,  I found myself identifying with this new grandmother as I read her tender posts about The Princess, her new and first grandchild.   It brought back that overwhelming feeling of  love and connection to a tiny new life whose future can be all you dream.   I am sure many of you have experienced that same emotion.

Jan at Bessie Mary gave a photo tour of her fabulous new sewing room that inspired a major clean up of mine.  Well, it inspired the START of a major clean up.  Now I am motivated to redecorate and spruce up this room where I spend so much time.  She also displayed some really attractive, useful fabric baskets for storage of projects and sewing supplies.  Thanks, Jan!

When I saw the smocked  daygown at Me and Maude  (Maude is the name of her sewing machine!) that Prissy/Merry made with a tiny print fabric, I wondered why I have been stuck in a solid color rut for so long. My next daygown will NOT be all white….or pink….or yellow.  Thanks, Merry!

This tablecloth with matching napkins has always intrigued me with its unique style of embroidery. It has rested in the drawer unidentified for years.  Now I know it’s Lefkara, thanks to Cynthia at California Stitching.

Cynthia, at California Stitching posted about Lefkara linens, of which it turns out I have many pieces!  I always wondered what was the nomenclature for such a style but never was able to identify it.  Now I know.  She also posts many beautiful handwork projects.  So much inspiration! Thanks, Cynthia!

This whole blogging thing is new to me.  I had no idea what I was getting into when my children and husband helped me set up  to help with  my de-stashing efforts.   The whole family is behind my dear husband’s desire to reclaim his 3 car garage which has no room for a car.    I thought it would be a simple matter to offer something like a sewing  yard sale and post old copy from my archives of magazine articles.  I’ve done some of that, but my enthusiasm for current projects carried me to more recent projects.

In the beginning, I had never read any of the needlework gems above, nor had I read a single blog of any kind–except my son’s Gator blog.  And I did not want to follow that lead—what heated discussions these included!

The sewing blog format/ style, I thought, would be the same as writing articles for sewing magazines–no “editorializing” (using “I”), few or no opinions, nothing but the facts, Ma’m.  Now, after reading and studying some of the multitudinous  blogs, I see that there are no “rules” and the format can be as  casual and  personal  as I like.

What I’d really like is to give inspiration and information in the same spirit as the bloggers mentioned above.

It would be nice to know if my “evolved” blog style suits you.  I would love to hear your comments about how this  is written, or about anything else you would like to share.  There are no rules!  Hurrah!


5 responses to “Blogs~ Inspiration and Information

  1. You are too kind! I got the info on Lefkara linens from Mary Corbet at NeedlenThread. She gets the credit.

    I do agree with you on getting so much inspiration from blogs. I started crocheting again after reading Mary Grace’s blog Hooked on Needles. And I have been thinking about trying the applique cord after reading Martha’s tutorial. I actually took a class from Margaret Pierce, one of the masters on handsewing, and it’s really not hard.

    Love your blog, keep knitting!

  2. Janice, yours is one of my favorite blogs because I love the way you share stories along with your amazing talents. I have been inspired by you so many times and I am thrilled to know that I inspire you to. Keep up the fabulous stories, photos, creations, and sharing!!

  3. I suffer from the same addiction to sewing blogs! Sometimes it takes real effort to stop dreaming and start doing. In answer to your question: I love your blog just as it is!

  4. Thanks, Janice. I have been lax in my blog reading because I have been trying to force myself into better habits! Didn’t know that I was “preaching to the choir”, but even my niece took something away from that particular blog. Hugs from one sewing/computer addicted blogger.

  5. I have learned so much about sewing from you and your blog, but what I enjoy the most is getting to “know” you and your slice of life. I am a no rules kind of person when it comes to creating. Everyone is different and thus creates differently. You be you, and write your blog the way you want to and what makes you feel good or comfortable. When you write that way it passes on to the reader and makes us comfortable. I am also touched that you were inspired by anything I do, and I am so happy that your granddaughter is learning to knit. That is what I think all bloggers from the sewing/needleworks realm want, to share and keep the craft alive.

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