Thanksgiving and Sewing

Does anyone actually sew up the turkey today?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.  Just as last year, we joined  our 2-1/2 year old grandson Alastair and his parents at the home of his paternal grandparents.  Though none of the six cooks at our dinner were decked out with starched white aprons,  the food at our harvest feast was gourmet quality.  Each contributed some of their best dishes.

The guest list included Alastair’s 90 year old great-grandmother, Ruby, who baked two divine pecan pies (and drove herself and those dessert delights to dinner!),  both sets of grandparents and a host of aunts and uncles.

I love family gatherings that include all ages, from babies to the elderly.  Two year old Alastair was the only little one and he entertained us as only energetic little boys can.  At the other end of the generation rainbow was Ruby, like the proverbial pot of gold.  Not only is she an excellent cook, but she is witty and entertaining—a joy to engage in conversation.

Even though the day is all about thankfulness and food, as usual, sewing projects were evident amid all the festivities.  Still, no one sewed up the turkey.

The dress code has always been casual, but nonetheless the table was set with silver,  elegant gold rimmed china,  and monogrammed linen napkins.  I had embroidered 16  as a wedding gift to our gracious host and hostess and it was just enough.  I am so glad that the set was large.  For a good sized family gathering, 8 just won’t do.

I brought along another embroidered dishtowel for the hostess, but I had forgotten my camera so there are no photos of this year’s hostess gift.

On the way home, we stopped at our son’s home, where there had been a huge gathering of his wife’s family.  Again, the cast of characters ran from grandparents to aunts and uncles to cousins.  Laurel was wearing the shirt I embroidered with the darling ribbon turkey from Applique Corner.

Robert has rarely been as pleased with anything I’ve made him as he is with his Thanksgiving shirt with the design from Embroidery Library.  He has a consuming interest in football, so this design with football and a turkey seemed to fit the bill.

Our beloved but struggling Florida Gators play Florida State University this Thanksgiving weekend.  The sacked quarterback’s jersey colors and number were edited to fit the Seminoles.  A win would make this an extra happy Thanksgiving.  But the  sack on Robert’s shirt may be one of just a few successful plays our family will see as we watch the game.

It was a wonderful day of thanksgiving. We are grateful for our loving family, our happy children and their families, our American freedoms, our good health,  and countless other blessings bestowed by God.  And I am grateful for the opportunity to write this  blog and to connect with you , my internet friends.

I’d love to hear about your holiday celebration.  Happy sewing!

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