Quick Little Gift

Isn’t this a dandy little tea bag case!  My friend Suzanne Sawko just made a dozen of these as favors for a tea her daughter is hosting.

Though she made twelve, each was personalized with a monogram, making the gift especially nice.

Many years ago, Mildred Turner and I traveled together a good bit.  We both enjoyed a nice cup of Bigelow Earl Grey tea, but few of the airport or hotel restaurants we frequented carried it.  I found two small, inexpensive crazy patch ultrasuede zipper pouches that we used to carry our own supply.  We used those until they fell apart.  This is so much nicer–I should make one for Mildred.

The pattern was purchased from Moose B Stitchin, a site whose specialty is in-the-hoop projects.  Suzanne reports that the instructions were fabulous and the tea bag case stitched out perfectly.

We’re all down to the wire now, with Christmas around the corner.  I think this is a great last minute gift that could be whipped up in a short time.  Even without an embroidery machine, a similar little case could be stitched.

After having all three grandchildren here for a few absolutely wonderful days, I am even further behind than usual.  I’ll probably have to shelf some of my more elaborate gift projects and go for quick and easy.

Do you have a favorite last minute holiday project?  Please share any recommendations.  I think I am going to need some.

6 responses to “Quick Little Gift

  1. Don’t say “down to the wire!” I’m operating under the notion that there’s PLENTY of time to get it all done!! 😉

  2. Dream on, Girlfriend. Fantasyland is a great place to live this time of year!

  3. Last minute gift? I’m still trying to get the MAJOR gifts done! Forget last minute….they have been moved to Valentine Day gift status!! haha

  4. I love all the different designs on Moose. I also have done lots of “in the hoop” designs from Embroidery Garden. She has lots of small items that are great for craft fairs, too.

  5. I, too, love the Moose stuff. When I saw the dog scarves with their neat construction and really cute designs, I had to have a set or two. My favorite scarves are the girlie collar and necklace and text –“I’m the cute end of the leash.” She has really neat stuff.

  6. Great idea, Judy. After reading about how you reassign gifts to a different holiday list, I moved several items to the Valentine’s Day schedule. But it just doesn’t seem right to do that with Robert and Alastair’s Christmas outfits. So I’d better get back to the sewing room.

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