Christmas Dress Upgrade

Laurel before church with lace added to sleeves.  That collar is just too big.

DGD Laurel’s Christmas dress just fell short of my expectations for a variety of reasons.   Originally, the sleeves were simply bound, but it just seemed too plain so I have added gathered lace which helps.

plain, bound sleeves

unadorned sleeve binding

It also fell short of the desired length.   After we attended the Stetson Christmas concert, the dress returned to the sewing room so the generous hem could be dropped.  Several holiday dresses ago, I learned that asking a non-sewing mother to measure a child for length was risky–also ridiculously unnecessary since I see Laurel 2-3 times a week!   But I had not taken the measurement so I took the precaution of adding several inches to the turned up hem.  Whew!   Three more inches added to the length gave a more pleasing fit.

Purchased at the sale of a sewing hoarder’s estate, the gorgeous lace  was attached to the collar sparingly for two reasons: 1) so that the intricate pattern could be seen and 2) so that the collar could be ironed more easily.  I really dislike dealing with tightly gathered lace with a hot iron.

I don’t recall or measure the yardage but knew it was adequate for the collar with some to spare.  At that time, it seemed that lace on the sleeves, so close to the collar, would be too much.  So I bond the sleeves with ivory pima cotton.

When I decided to add lace to the sleeves, I doubted there would be enough.  Again and again I am reminded of the verse from Luke 12:28, “Oh, ye of little faith!”    I prefer lace gathered at  a one-to-1-1/2″ ratio, so two 10″ sleeve bindings needed approximately 30″.   As has happened to me again and again, the remaining piece was exactly the length needed!

This happens too frequently to be random good luck.  Next time, I will expect this good fortune to come my way, along with other favors that occur regularly.  Prime parking places always become available to me and almost 100 phone numbers are aut0-saved in my memory (and yet I cannot remember where I put the charger for my Kindle).  God has blessed me in so many ways that I can hardly complain about my short legs, less than average voice and stringy hair.

There was a change in plans this past weekend, so after the departure of grandsons Alastair and Robert, Laurel Cade’s visit was extended to Sunday.  I was happy to have her Christmas dress here to wear to church Sunday morning.  She looked so sweet (see first photo).

After church, she was a little less neatly put together.  She opened the gate for me to drive through and then ran with Rastus up the driveway,  eager to put on her jeans.   Somehow, it seemed a moment in time worthy of capture.  I do so enjoy that child.

4 responses to “Christmas Dress Upgrade

  1. The dress came out absolutely lovely! You did a great job making the lace fit the dress. I like the less gathered look, it looks a bit more sophisticated. That last photo with the trailing sash is priceless. I’ll bet that’s the one you remember always.

  2. You are right, Cynthia, that the last photo is the one I will always remember. Fortunately, it’s a relatively long driveway and I had my camera in my purse. So I jumped out and snapped this shot–a tiny slice of her happy, carefree childhood.

  3. The dress turned out beautiful. I do like the sleeves with the added lace. Boy, do we have similar opinions on the fullness of the lace. I prefer the 1.5 times fullness. Not only it is easier to press, it can cut the cost.
    Thank you for your prayers and support and the comment on my blog. Mother made it through surgery today and is back in her room. I am still too sick to be around other, so I hope to be able to relieve my sister by Thursday.

  4. The dress is beautiful, I like the addition of the lace on the sleeves. The candid shot of the g’babies are the best ones….love the sash blowing in the wind!

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