Remember that tiny baby girl?

She is thriving and growing! This beautiful cherub and her equally beautiful mama are snug at home with baby’s undoubtedly proud and doting daddy. They are all easing their way into a new family routine.


Just look at those sweet pink toes!

The daygown, made from Lezette Thomason’s Angel Gown pattern (all proceeds go to charity) for tiny, tiny babies, was shown and detailed in a previous post.

So many of you prayed for the life and health of this baby and her mother, who sent these pictures. Along with them, she sent a touching note asking me to thank all the readers who lifted up this family.

She shared details of her baby’s progress …. “I took the picture when she was on her changing pad. If I had taken it while she was in her crib she would have screamed bloody murder-she hates being put down.

I’m holding her constantly which I know is indulgent but she’s just so small and I’ve read preemies tend to need that more. Plus she’s just so adorable and I can’t help myself……

She is getting stronger. She’s almost 6 lbs. now. I’m breast and bottle feeding her so she eats all the time! Also, she’s still on an apnea monitor, but it has turned out to be a comforting thing because I know if she stops breathing we will be alerted and the thing’s so darn loud it wakes her up too and reminds her to breathe! Hasn’t happened recently so she is probably growing out of that problem which they told me she would. Thank you for all your prayers and please let your readers know I cherish their prayers. Much love….

I hope seeing this radiant, healthy baby will give encouragement and hope to others who welcome a preemie in the family.

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