Spa Party Pics and Particulars

I finally got the pictures of the Spa-tacular birthday party and just have to share these with you.  What a fabulous 8th birthday Laurel had!  Of course, this is a sewing blog, but sewing projects played a part in the celebration.

Like all great events, it took a lot of planning and organization, areas in which my DIL excels.  Fortunately, within the homeschool community she has a strong network of wonderful friends without whose help the party would have been impossible.


When the girls arrived, they “signed in,”  indicated their dinner preferences, picked up their spa wraps and goodie bags.  For whatever reason, they decided to put their spa wraps on over their clothes, though that unspecified reason did not apply to their dolls.   Still, it was reported that the wraps saved a lot of shirts from being stained by facial mixes.  The dolls’ clothes were not at risk.



The girls were divided into groups to make it easier to rotate among the stations. Like the foot baths where they soaked their pretty feet and chatted…..


or caught up with the doll news in American Girl magazines.


How cute is this?

After their facials, they returned to the foot baths where they rested with cucumbers on their eyes.  Since this treatment is “to reduce swelling or big, dark circles….or puffiness and tiredness,”  I have to wonder just how many 5-10 year olds have dark circles, puffiness or tired eyes.  Do you think the girls looked any prettier after this?


Of course, they had their nails done.



Or in some cases, over done–though certainly not in the big brown eyes of this 5 year old.



After all the primping and pampering, the girls must have felt pretty, like Maria in West Side Story.



Ponytail wraps were made with Hope Yoder’s button machine.  I had embroidered the button covers before the party, two for each girl–a monogram and  another design.   The girls loved making these.  One mother, with the help of a pretty, pretty baby supervised this operation.



And that baby wasn’t the only little one looking forward to all the girlie fun in her future.


Hey, is it my turn at the nail station?


Of course, the food was plentiful and the birthday cupcakes were divine.



From her parents, Laurel received a karaoke machine which provided a lot of loud and fun and entertainment.



Finally, it was time to pull out the sleeping bags and bed down for a movie.



The next morning, the girls fixed yogurt parfaits with lots of fresh fruit for breakfast.



After Laurel opened her gifts, a toenail painting session concluded the festivities.



At 8, Laurel is beginning to experience the special joys of being a girl.  This YouTube video is not my granddaughter but what a cutie!And she expresses what Laurel might say about being a girl.



I was pleased that my sewing projects helped make this party so special for my precious, growing-up-fast granddaughter and her friends.

16 responses to “Spa Party Pics and Particulars

  1. Diana Crawford

    What a memory this will become! She is so adorable. I just loved watching your granddaughter perform. I see a future contestant for Miss America.

  2. Oh, Diana, that is not my granddaughter! I should have made that clear. This is just a video I found on YouTube and thought it was so cute.

  3. How cute! Laurel will remember this forever. What a special memory you helped create!

  4. Janet- Luvfostermom

    I missed that the little girl was not your granddaughter so I guess I should take it off my Facebook page. One question though, Will You Be MY grandmother? ( I have never sone to the spa) it looks like a lot of fun. By the way- the doll outfits ae beautiful!!!

  5. You do make me laugh, Janet!!! But I’m probably old enough to be your grandmother, so I’ll take the matter under consideration. I’m glad you like the spa wraps. If you do get a chance to go to the spa, let me know and I’ll see if I can get a wrap made up for you! (By then, if consideration goes in your favor, you might be my new granddaughter!)

  6. Jeannette Wilson

    Janice, this is amazing. Your grandchildren are the luckiest little ones in the world. Being with you is just magical. I am so envious of your creativity and your energy.

  7. Aw shucks, Jeannette. We’re the lucky ones. But thanks for the compliments.

  8. I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, regards for all the great articles.

  9. AWESOME party idea and loved all the details! My little girl is turning 10 and I’m thinking this may be the best idea for her party. I especially liked the idea of waiting until breakfast for presents!!

  10. Michelle, I don’t know any little girls who would not love this party theme. If you do have a similar event, please share pictures! Aren’t daughters fun?

  11. Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Remona

  12. Stella Burnett (Whittaker)

    It’s been a long time since I visited your blog and was so glad I did. I loved the pictures of the birthday party. I have 2 granddaughters that are 4 and 5. I babysit fulltime while their Mom works at Walmart. The 5 year old is already worried about the hair on her legs and what is she going to do about it. The girls are 14 months apart and a hand full. We will have to plan a field trip your way soon some day. I love the pictures you had of the yard last year. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  13. Stella Burnett (Whittaker)

    Heaven is when they both take a nap at the same time……….which is NOW………….it’s the last day of Christmas vacation and back to school for Sabrina tomorrow.

  14. I’d love to see you, Stella! Let me know when you can come.

  15. Ah, I remember naptime as a very, very nice time!

  16. Janice, found your site on Pintrest, and fell in love with the little girl’s spa wrap! I’m also a nana and would love to make these for my grd.daughters. I recognize the font from Five Star Fonts, but where did you get the mini flip flops??

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