Almost Ruined Wedding

This post is only marginally sewing related (skip down for Sewing Related) but it is too funny not to share.  Of course, at the time, it didn’t seem quite so hilarious.

Rheeta Jordan


It’s about the wedding of my Aunt Rheeta’s delightful, sweet granddaughter Jordan who was married two weeks ago.


Jeff Jordan crop


She has always worked tirelessly with her father, my cousin Jeff, who is pastor of Freedom Worship Center in Omaha. This spring she graduated from University of Nebraska.

The wedding was held at a lovely botanical garden, with all the natural beauty and wildlife of the area.  This pictures shows Jordan with her dearest friends and cousins.


bridal party pics


Moments later, about 50 feet from the group, the photographer spotted this bridesmaid wannabe, dressed in matching black and white!





You can guess what happened next.





And then…





The girls were fleet of foot and made a clean getaway.  If not, I doubt even love could have brought the groom this close to his beautiful bride.


Jordan Luke dance

“May I have this dance, for the rest of my life?”


AT LAST!!!  Sewing related background-about 10 years ago, Aunt Rheeta brought Jordan, 14,  one of her precious granddaughters, to my house for a week of sewing instruction and family fun.


Jordan sews

Jordan, 14, embroidering


She fell in love with my Brother Pacesetter 8500 and sewed on it all week.  We had a fabulous time–that was an earlier session of Nana Camp.  Now that she is  a new wife, I hope she can find  time to enjoy sewing again.

5 responses to “Almost Ruined Wedding

  1. Too funny! My husband was reading it over my shoulder and also laughed at the bridesmaid who crashed the wedding. Jordan is lovely and I wish her and her new husband a wonderful, loving life together.

  2. What struck me about your post is that the colors for the wedding seemed to be Black and White. I think he thought he was invited…LOL

    Lovely photos and wonderful memory!

  3. Thanks, Cynthia, for your good wishes to Jordan and Luke. They have all the values that make for a successful marriage–faith, family, education and strong work ethic. I hope the escape from the potential consequences of the bridal party crasher is an indication of their good luck.

  4. Deborah, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. The uninvited guest gave an exciting and unexpected twist to a perfectly planned wedding ceremony. Maybe that’s the lesson for Luke and Jordan–in spite of “the best laid plans of mice and men……” things happen.

  5. Oh, that could have been such a disastrous day. The bride will be able to tell that story for decades to come. I am sure Jordan will always remember her days of Nana camp as a wonderful time.

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